{TB EXCLUSIVE} Is Universal Looking to Nab Tom Cruise and Jeff Wadlow Before they ‘Disappear’?


by: Sammy Mink

We’ve been hearing micro-updates on the Universal project ever since they snatched it up as a 7-figure pitch sale from writer back when it was simply called the “Untitled Project”. However, running into Oscar weekend, we’d started to hear that the hopes of movement have actually progressed to talks, , and attachment discussions. Currently, the project, which centers on a high tech form of privatized “witness protection” for anyone rich enough to exit their lives and start over, is looking to add a writer, director and a star who they are looking to build the franchise around.

Enter and .

Cruise and Universal have already entered preliminary talks, and the interest is mutual from both sides, but the addition of a director, and a rewrite is required. Wadlow, is someone Universal began discussions with last year, and as this project looks to edge it’s way out of hell, he could be the first of two pieces Cruise will need to confirm his attachment. Zetumer, who wrote the most recent reboot of “Robocop”, and who has done uncredited passes on “The Bourne Legacy” and “Quantum of Solace”, is said to no longer be involved in the project.

Cruise, who just a few days ago boarded the David Yates project , is always an in-demand , but the past few weeks have seen a dozen or so aimed squarely at landing him. He was last seen in “Oblivion” and will hit theaters worldwide June 6th in Warner Bros’ “Edge of Tomorrow”.

Wadlow, who most recently helmed “Kick Ass 2”, served as an executive on the Liam Neeson starrer “Non-Stop” and currently has comic book adaptations “X-Force” and “Bloodshot” on his slate, as well as the political assassination thriller “Sleeper Spy”. Now, lets see if he can help bring this one to screen for Uni!

More on this one as it develops!

Cruise is repped by . Wadlow is repped by .



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