{TB EXCLUSIVE} Jon Hamm and McG May Become the Most “Brilliant” Thieves Ever!



has become the latest actor scheduled to frontline the upcoming diamond heist thriller for Lakeshore Entertainment. The film, which previously had a number of male and female leads attached before Hamm (Matthew McConaughey, Gerard Butler, Eric Bana, Scarlett Johansson, Rachel McAdams, and Cameron Diaz just to name a few) centers on a master thief who is forced to pair up with a sexy young con artist in order to pull off a billion dollar diamond heist. Following the attachment of Hamm, the studio has also begun meeting with a shortlist of directors that includes Gary Fledler, Kevn MacDonald, Brad Anderson and Greg Berlanti, but is setting its sights on McG.

Originally set up in 2006, this is a project that has seen its fair share of suitors and directors, with a laundry list of studios and production companies involved in the process as well. Of those previously involved, homes such as Millennium Films and Relativity Media were once aboard, as were directors Martin Campbell, Robert Luketic, Barry Levinson, Jon Amiel and Sam Bayer. However, don’t discount the project simply based on it’s journey through hell. The script, which is working from a rewrite by Nicholas Kazan, may need a punch up, but with the strong male and female lead, and the mix of sexual tension and comedy in this heist thriller, this should easily find an audience. Add Hamm into the mix, and dangle McG behind the lens and it’s almost a no-brainer for distributor Lionsgate.

Hamm, who is currently wrapping up the final season of “Mad Men”, had previously starred in his wife’s film “Friends With Kids”, and has “The Million Dollar Arm” set for a May release.

McG, whose last two films “3 Days to Kill” and “This Means War” both stumbled at the box office, could use a win. Pairing up with Hamm, and Lakeshore could be a solid step in the right direction!

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