{TB EXCLUSIVE} MacDowell, Belushi, Grimes Find “Squatters”


, the currently independent Martin Weisz helmed drama, has interest in , and to come on board the project.

The film centers around two homeless kids who ransack the house of a couple away on vacation. Thomas Dekker and Gabriella Wilde have already been in negotiations to take the leads as the two vagrant teens, Jonas and Kelly. If the film’s interest pans out, Belushi would be showcased in a supporting role as David, one half of the couple away on vacation. would fill in as Ellen, his significant other. Belushi, brother of the late John Belushi, most recently appeared in Warner Bros. ensemble film “New Year’s Eve” and will be starring in the upcoming family comedy “Thunderstruck”. MacDowell’s most recent work includes 2011’s “Footloose” remake as well as her recurring role on the show “Jane By Design”.

Grimes is being looked at to play Belushi and MacDowell’s son, an innocent and well behaved boy. While Grimes resume thus far is not as lengthy as his potential co-stars, he will be starring in the upcoming sequel to 2008’s smash thriller “Taken”.

The film will be produced by Julius R Nasso, Todd Moyer, Cordula Weisz, and Martin Weisz.

Belushi is repped by ICM, Grimes is repped by and MacDowell is repped by and .

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