{TB EXCLUSIVE} Neil Marshall And Radar Pictures Venture To “Skull Island”



Incredible news everyone! I’ve just received word on a few juicy attachments to . will be helming the project and will also pen the script alongside fellow scribe .

Based on Joe DeVito and Brad Strickland’s 2004 graphic novel “Kong: King of Skull Island”, the film is set 25 years after King Kong’s New York rampage and follows Carl Denham’s son as he makes a shocking discovery and ventures back to Skull Island. Yes, I know what your thoughts are right now on a spiritual sequel to “King Kong”, but the novel has received nothing but praise from all who have explored its rich story and beautiful artwork. Trust me, this will be a project to keep your eye on!

Radar Pictures is joining as the company with Ted Field producing for them. Steve Iles and Arnold Kunert are producing through their company Spirit Pictures.

Marshall got his start back in the 90’s as the editor on Bharat Nalluri’s short “Driven” and Peter Chapman’s short drama “Sins of the Father.” In 1998 he re-teamed with Nalluri for his first writing assignment, penning the script for “Killing Time” alongside Caspar Berry and Fleur Costello. From there Marshall had a in editing until 2002, when he wrote and directed his first feature titled “Dog Soldiers.” This was a major turning point for him as his work on the horror-thriller netted him writing/directing jobs on such films as “Doomsday”, “Centurion” and “The Descent”, which in my opinion is one of the scariest films of all time. Marshall was also a part of “The Descent: Part 2” assisting James McCarthy, James Watkins and J Blakeson in the character department. In 2012 Marshall dived head first into the realm of television, directing the episode “Blackwater” in the second season of “Game of Thrones.” His outstanding work has secured him another directing gig in the show’s fourth season and netted him the position of helmer for the pilot of Michael Bay’s show “Black Sails” which will arrive sometime next year.

Marshall is repped by Resolution.