{TB EXCLUSIVE} Nicolas Cage Is One of “The Broken”


Upcoming period drama has found its leading man in .

Set in 1967 Oklahoma, the story follows a war veteran who discovers that the death of his estranged son was a covered-up hate crime, and goes on a mission to take down the corrupt sheriff responsible for the crime.

Cage has a wide variety of films to his name, but tends to take on projects in the action genre including “Gone in Sixty Seconds” and the “National Treasure” franchise. Lately, though, the Oscar winner seems to have taken a turn toward more dramatic roles in smaller budget movies like “Joe,” the indie drama where he plays an ex-con who meets a teenage boy and must decide between trying to find redemption and his instinct to run. He hasn’t entirely given up on action flicks, though, with upcoming projects like sci-fi thriller “Left Behind” and “Outcast” as well as the third installment of the “National Treasure” series.

The film is being produced by “Avatar” star Sam Worthington’s company, which currently produces the digital series “The Cleaners” on Crackle.  The company’s main focus is to adapt comics and graphic novels into feature films, which makes “The Broken” a unique project. Their next feature will be an adaptation of the novel “For The Dogs” which stars Worthington and Emma Roberts.

“Trouble with the Curve” helmer Robert Lorenz was previously attached to direct this project but has since dropped out. The studio is currently looking for a new director to take over.

This project seems like an excellent fit for both Cage and Full Clip, and it should be very interesting to see which director takes the wheel.



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