{TB EXCLUSIVE} Oscar-Winning “Feast” Director Patrick Osborne To Helm Paramount’s “Battling Boy”


battling boy

 〉Plan B is producing the twisted spin on the heroes’ journey from Eisner-winner Paul Pope

, quickly becoming a highly sought-after following his 2014 Oscar-win, has now signed on to helm ’ comic adaptation . The action/adventure, based on the hit graphic novel from Eisner award-winner Paul Pope, was picked up in 2008 by Brad Pitt’s Plan B Entertainment and brought to Paramount as a part of their first-look deal at the time.

David Gordon Green and Josh Parkinson co-wrote the latest iteration of the project, taking over for Reel Steel scribe John Gatins and Alex Tse before him. The pic was largely inactive for a time, though sources tell me that the studio is now moving forward and working to lock down a new writer, with the tone of the film described as a more comedic approach and “punk rock” vibe. Pitt will produce with Plan B’s Dede Gardner and Jeremy Kleiner, while Eben Davidson, Andrew Calof, and Peter Kang will oversee for Paramount.

Set in the world of Acropolis, which has become infested with a slew terrifying monsters and demons following the death of legendary hero/protector Haggard West, Battling Boy follows a thirteen-year-old demigod who must rid the land of the vile inhabitants as a part of his rite of passage. Battling Boy must deal with his arrogant superhero father, a city council that crafts an embellished image of him, uncontrollable powers from his variety of magical T-shirts, and the antics of Haggard’s vengeful daughter Aurora, all while attempting to survive a plethora of vicious monsters and save a corrupted city.

T RexOsborne burst onto the scene with his beloved six-minute short Feast, which was produced by Walt Disney Animation and went on to win both an Oscar and Annie Award.

Prior to that, Osborne was an animator on a handful of top animated films, including Big Hero 6, Wreck-It Ralph, Tangled, and The Polar Express. Osborne also served as a supervising producer on the Oscar-nabbing Disney short Paperman.

Just last month, Osborne signed on to adapt another hit comic, Nimona for Fox, based upon the NY Times bestselling graphic novel by Noelle Stevenson. Nimona will mark Osborne’s feature directorial debut and will be fully animated.

Though it didn’t hit shelves until 2013, Battling Boy debuted to rave reviews and spawned two prequels, The Death of Haggard West (The Invincible Haggard West), which was released in 2013, and The Rise of Aurora West, which dropped in 2014.

Osborne is repped by and .


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