{TB EXCLUSIVE} Paramount Nabs Bestselling Evolution Thriller “Genocide Of One”



 〉The bestselling Japanese sci-fi thriller by Kazuaki Takano has been set at Paramount.

and are set to adapt the hit bestselling Japanese sci-fi novel . Written by Kazuaki Takano, the engaging thriller follows a three-year-old child discovered to be the next step in human evolution, who could be the savior of humanity, or lead to its destruction. is set to produce, with and overseeing the project for the studio.

Being both a student of film and screenwriting, Takano’s novel lends itself easily to a visual medium. The story follows a soldier named Jonathan Yeager, who is sent by the U.S. President to the heart of the Congolese Jungle on a team mission to destroy a threat of a three-year-old child that has developed powers that are beyond the control of the government. The child’s name is Akili, and he is the smartest human being on the planet, with the power to predict major future events. Although the boy is seen as a global threat, Jonathan sees him as a savior to humanity, and becomes tangled in events that are far beyond his initial hopeful intentions.

The story plays on modern audiences’ fascination with post-apocalyptic societies, mixed with the fear of human advancement that can’t be controlled. The studio is going for the tone of a Michael Chrichton novel, such as Jurassic Park or State Of Fear, which both deal with themes of technology leading to change that ultimately become dangerous to humanity.

Stoff has produced tonally similar films in the past, including The Matrix, I Am Legend, Constantine, and A Scanner Darkly. Most recently, however, Stoff produced Tom Cruise’s vastly underrated sci-fi outing Edge of Tomorrow and Angelina Jolie’s war drama Unbroken. Up next, the manager/producer will produce Marco Polo for Warner Bros., Thirteen Hours for Michael Bay, and Bradley Cooper’s chef comedy Adam Jones.

As a manager, Stoff represents multiple high-profile clientele, including Chris Evans, director Francis Lawrence, and Heroes creator Tim Kring.


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