{TB EXCLUSIVE} Remake Of Classic Sci-Fi Romance “Starman” In The Works From Sony



  〉Jeff Bridges and Karen Allen Starred in the original John Carpenter classic.

Sony Pictures is developing a remake of the 1984 sci-fi/romance . Sources confirm that the studio is taking the remake in a new direction, more in line tonally with the hit teen drama The Fault In Our Stars. will oversee for the studio, while , who produced the original, will produce under his banner.

The original story followed an alien that finds an invitation to come to Earth on the Voyager 2 and attempts to make contact with humans. After his spacecraft shot down on arrival, the alien crash lands on the property of a widow named Jenny Hayden. While staying with her, he uses a lock of her deceased husband’s hair to transform himself and take the appearance of her late husband. The film explores the two as they develop a deep, romantic connection.

Written by Bruce A. Evans and Raynold Gideon, the original starred Jeff Bridges and Karen Allen in the leading roles, with Bridges landing Oscar and Golden Globe nominations for his portrayal of the titular character. The film was generally well received by critics, who praised the mix of sci-fi elements with the deep, emotional love story.

In the early 80’s, the script was famously chosen by Sony over Night Skies, which would eventually be re-developed into E.T. for Universal. Although not as successful as E.T., Starman has since gained recognition and has been nominated by AFI as one of the greatest sci-fi films of all time.

The project will be a departure for Further, which has primarily produced thrillers and comedies, with a number of the films featuring Douglas. Notable produced by the company include the crime thriller Don’t Say A Word and the caper comedy One Night At McCool’s. They will produce the upcoming dramas Franklin Square and Rollover, as well as the upcoming Flatliners horror remake.


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  3. Why a remake, and not a sequel? Jeff Bridges and Karen Allen are tough acts to follow. How much you wannna’ bet they’re going to screw this up by turning it into a stupid, shallow, chick flick instead of a fresh look at humanity through an outsider’s eyes?

  4. Yes a sequel with "Starman's" son is the way to go forward at this time. Hey the child would be a man at 32 years old. on

    Yes a sequel with “Starman’s” son is the way to move forward at this time. Have the guy from Guardians of the Universe play the son.

  5. Kenneth M. Whitmore on

    SAD TO SAY THE LEAST THERE SHOULD HAVE BEEN A SEQUEL TO STARMAN TWO DECADES AGO JUST FINISHED IT again and hoped to see if there was a sequal that went at least to DVD. NOPE

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