{TB EXCLUSIVE} Romantic Comedy “Q” Moving Forward At Lionsgate With Francis Lawrence Producing


  〉The project was formerly set up at Sony, with David Gordon Green helming

’s witty, romantic, and humorous novel is finding a new home, with the adaptation moving forward at Entertainment. Published via HarperCollins on August 23, 2011, the property was soon snatched up by Sony Pictures, with producing. Tolmach and his Matt Tolmach Productions will also make the jump to .

Hunger Games series director is also producing, along with ’s . ’s , who has been on board since the beginning, will also produce. and will oversee for Tolmach Prod., while and are shepherding for .

Mandery’s novel attracted immediate interest from studios, as it’s been hailed as a “philosophical, witty, wonderful, and altogether magical love story” by author M.J. Rose. Q received rave reviews from the New York Times Review and Booklist, among other publications. The story centers on an unnamed man who is visited by his future self shortly before his wedding, who is warned not to marry the love of his life – the enigmatic Quentina Elizabeth Deveril, or Q as she’s called.


After agonizing over the decision, he calls off the engagement and immediately regrets it as one by one his future selves begin to arrive with endless contradictory advice, urging him to marry, divorce, , attend school, drop out of school, start running, stop running, stop eating gluten, learn the guitar, and study Proust, philosophy, and opera. The maddening quest for personal fulfillment leaves him feeling uncertain, but one thing he’s sure of is that he still can’t shake his feelings for Q.

Blending humor, heartbreak, and hope, Q is a uniquely magical tale primed for a film adaptation. The executives at Sony thought so too, as they hired on David Gordon Green to write and direct their adaptation. Plans fell through at Sony and the project was quickly taken to , where it is actively moving forward, with the currently searching for the ideal scribe.


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