{TB EXCLUSIVE} Scott Rudin Sets NY Times Best Seller “All The Light We Cannot See” At Fox Searchlight



〉 Prolific producer Scott Rudin locks down his next big adaptation. 

Anthony Doerr‘s novel has been set up at Fox Searchlight Pictures with Scott Rudin and Eli Bush of Scott Rudin Productions set to produce. The story, which was published by Scribner in May 2014, revolves around a blind French girl and a German boy whose paths collide in a Nazi-occupied France as they try to survive the devastation of World War II. The book quickly became a New York Times best seller, sitting on the coveted list for thirty-eight consecutive weeks. It was also short listed for the National Book Award.

Rudin is no stranger to producing critically and financially successful adaptations, having produced films such as The Girl With The Dragon TattooTrue Grit and Sleepy Hollow. Rudin has notably produced numerous Oscar nominated films including No Country For Old Men for Joel and Ethan Coen and The Social Network for David Fincher. Rudin boasts an Oscar for No Country For Old Men, and was recently nominated for Wes Anderson’s Grand Budapest Hotel. All Of The Light We Cannot See co-producer Eli Bush works under Rudin at Scott Rudin Productions. The company has followed the project from 20th Century Fox, where it was initially planned to be set up before a transition to Fox Searchlight. Several high-profile writers and are currently being pursued, with the studios preference being a writer/director.

5616_1945358_hrAnthony Doerr has written two collections of short stories, with the story Memory Well having been optioned for feature film rights by RT Features. His other collection of shorts, titled The Shell Collector, is currently being adapted by Japanese filmmaker Yoshifumi Tsubota. Prior to setting the locale of All Of The Light We Cannot See in Paris, Doerr initially set his characters in Africa, as he holds an affinity after having lived there for a number of years. 

Doerr is repped by Emily Forland at Brandt & Hochman Literary Agents, Inc. 


Lou Chase | Staff Writer


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  2. Casting of Marie-Laure and Werner needs to be sensitive, unknown actors! The adults can be sensitive actors, used to playing out-of-type roles. I could see someone like a slender, introspective Ben Affleck as Etienne, the girl’s father. Someone like Matt Damon could be the subtly menacing German Sergeant Major von Rumpel. Someone French like Leslie Caron as Madame Manec. The thing to remember about making a movie from this book: Let the story be the star!

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