{TB EXCLUSIVE} Producers set to return to the “Source Code”



It’s recently been confirmed that and the Mark Gordon Company are producing SOURCE CODE 2, a sequel to the original film that starred and . The sequel has been highly anticipated, as many fans loved the first film, but felt it was rather open-ended. How many answers the sequel will provide is of course the question, and writer Ben Ripley is slated to return to the project.

The original “Source Code” took us through thrilling plot twists, with Gyllenhaal constantly trying to stop a Chicago bomber from blowing up the subway system. With all the alternate timelines, the plot was enough to make anyone’s head spin, so Ripley’s return as screenwriter insures there will be some continuity within the complex storyline. Though the exact plot is still being ironed out, it is set to start where the last film left off.

There is still no word yet on whether Gyllenhall or Monaghan will return in any capacity, but the original film’s somewhat open ending could lend to that possibility. With all the alternate time-lines and plot twists, anything could be augmented to allow them small roles.

Interestingly enough, CBS tried to adapt the concept into a TV show in early 2012, but it never  got off the ground. It appears writer Ben Ripley was not involved with the show, perhaps a big reason why it never saw its way onto the small screen. He is currently developing a series for NBC called “Vanishing Point,” and has several features in .

, who produced the first film, is returning for the Company alongside  from , and .



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