{TB EXCLUSIVE} “Thicker” Gets Thicker With Malcolm McDowell and Michael Biehn



, and have all been added to the ever-growing cast of the upcoming comedy .

The pic will be helmed by Terry Nemeroff, and is based on his 2005 short film “Enfants Terribles”. The film centers around a brother and sister who scramble to recover an inheritance that was buried with their recently deceased mother. The three incoming thesps will join a cast that includes Christopher Lloyd, Jon Gries, Fairuza Balk, Efren Ramirez, Beth Grant and Jon Polito.

It is unclear as to how their characters will fit into the grand scheme of the film, but McDowell will play a character named Rupert Fick, Biehn will play a cub scout master and Ware will be a trooper.

McDowell, who is best known for his starring role as Alex in Stanley Kubrick’s violent shock-film “A Clockwork Orange”, more recently starred in The Weinstein Company’s critically acclaimed pic “The Artist”, and will star in the upcoming video game-based “Silent Hill: Revelation 3D”. He is repped by .

Biehn has made a name for himself as an action star, traversing the decimated LV-426 colony in “Aliens”, engaging in firefights in “The Rock” and protecting Sarah Connor in “The Terminator”. He will be making his directing debut with the upcoming film “The Blood Bond”. He is repped by .

Ware, who played a supporting role in 2003’s serial killer biopic “Monster”, has recently starred in the horse racing film “Secretariat” and will next be appearing in “Grilling Bobby Hicks”.

Although all three thesps are not necessarily known for their comedic prowess, they are highly talented and are a welcome edition to this dark comedy, which starts filming in early June.

Josh Cole, Kosta Trouva, Nick Cole and George Voskericyan will produce.

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