{TB EXCLUSIVE} Three New Actors Meet The “Mystery White Boy”


Jeff Buckley was considered by many to be the leading musical of his generation before his untimely death at the age of thirty in 1997. With that in mind, it was only a matter of time before Buckley’s biopic, , came around. With filming starting in June, three new actors have been set or are in talks for the project.

has been cast as Rachel Miller, Buckley’s girlfriend, who is described as “shy” and “unaware of the quality of her looks”. Thirlby got her start in 2006’s controversial hijack drama “United 93”. She has since had supporting roles in 2011’s romantic comedy “No Strings Attached” and this year’s “Being Flynn”, which starred big names Robert Deniro, Paul Dano and Julianne Moore. While she has not had any major roles yet, Thirlby’s portrayal of Miller, with all the emotional weight that comes with it, could prove to be her break-out performance.

An offer has been made to for the strong supporting role of Matt Johnson, a straight-laced Texas boy who becomes the drummer for Buckley’s band. Conflict begins to arrise as Buckley’s rock and roll lifestyle and antics clash with Johnson’s values. This wouldn’t be the first time Treadaway assumed the role of a musician, as he played a rock band guitarist who also happened to be a conjoined twin in the 2005 film “Brothers Of The Head”. He will also be starring in Walt Disney’s “The Lone Ranger”, due to be released in 2013.

The film has interest in to play Joan Wasser, the violinist for the band Dambuilders. The character is described as “beautiful”, but her looks are hidden by, “Dreadlocks, bright-red lipstick and black eyeliner”, a look that sounds similar to that of Caplan’s character Marlena in J.J. Abrams monster pic, “Cloverfield”. Caplan most recently starred in Danny Boyle’s Academy Award-nominated “127 Hours” and will be starring in the upcoming dramedy, “Save The Date”.

Already set to star in the film are Reeve Carney in the lead role as the doomed rocker, Patricia Arquette as his mother, and John Patrick Amedori as Buckley’s guitarist. The film has already been reported to have interest in Jack Huston as Mick Grondahl, Buckley’s bassist.

The film will be produced by Michelle Sy and Orian Williams.

Thirlby is repped by Arcieri and Associates, Treadaway is repped by ICM and and Caplan is repped by .

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