{TB EXCLUSIVE} Thunder Road Kickstarts The Buying Season


By: James Silverwolfe

Producer () is lighting fires and kicking tires by heading into September with not one but TWO spec sales! While August was a pretty lackluster month 2013 is still looking to outsell previous years. So I say ‘suck it’ to the phrase ‘diminishing returns’ and all hail to ‘better than ever’!

With these sales and Tuesday’s exclusives (Here & Here), it’s probably safe to say summer vacation is over. Ring the bell and open your checkbooks because the buying season is back and humming like a well-oiled machine. But you didn’t come here for a gush piece about the spec market, you came to learn about two new spec sales!

The first project, (which has QED co-producing) was written by . The plot is being kept under wraps but it’s styled as a sci-fi action movie, which makes sense for a project written by Wimmer. He basically exists in the space between sci-fi and action. He’ll be directing this one as well. Wimmer as you may recall wrote and directed the super fun “Equilibrium,” which may not exactly hold up but I can personally attest to being inspired to write some ‘gun-tata’ fan fiction in my youth. Wimmer has most recently worked on the “Total Recall” remake and is also attached to write the “Point Break” remake.

The second project , hails from writer/director and has Iwanyk and attached to produce. We’ve also heard that his 2012 Hit List and 2012 Black List spec Comancheria has Marc Foster (“World War Z”) eying the director’s seat. Like the above project the plot details are being very QT and on the hush hush but the smart money says it’ll be an action movie. Sheridan, who also played the sheriff with a stick up his butt in “Sons of Anarchy,” is also writing the upcoming “Dark Invasion” which has Bradley Cooper set in the lead. He also has a tv in the running for next season called “Olympus,” which follows a soldier-turned-spy who discovers he is descended from Greek Gods. Yes, please.



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