{TB EXCLUSIVE} Warner Bros. Snatches Up Global Thriller Novel “CHAIN OF EVENTS”



Warner Bros. has picked up film rights to the upcoming novel from Swedish screenwriter/novelist . The project, which was bought preemptively, centers on a washed up cryptologist who finds himself pulled into an international conspiracy that claims to have created a way to map out all human disasters and terrorism through our DNA. The only problem is, what happens when this code ends up in the wrong hands?

Warners is eyeing a potential franchise starter with the property, which spans the globe alongside our lead character William, who comes across as a mix between Dan Brown’s ‘Robert Langdon’ character and Nic Cage’s ‘Ben Gates’ character in National Treasure. With built in set pieces, big budget adventure, and a memorable face to build a franchise around, Warners has already begun their search for a writer to fast-track .

The studio has been aggressive in their hunt for an action/adventure franchise to call their own. Projects such as “Bourne,” “National Treasure” and “Bond” have been the template for what they’re looking for. With ‘Chain of Events,’ they seemingly are moving in the right direction.

For Olsson, who is a well known screenwriter and producer in Sweden, this book marks the first in a planned trilogy, and is his first novel overall. The book is set to be published in Swedish in April, 2014 and in English in August, 2014.



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