{TB EXCLUSIVE} Warner Brothers & Leonardo DiCaprio Team up for Calvin & Hobbes Biopic!


Mac Maclamore

Warner Brothers has snatched up the hot new Bill Watterson (creator of Calvin & Hobbes) biopic A BOY AND HIS TIGER from our very own TB Recommended writer Dan Dollar.  The project, which will be produced by Leonardo DiCaprio, Roy Lee and Rock Shaink, chronicles the early career of Calvin & Hobbes creator Bill Watterson, and his struggle with the sudden popularity, coverage, and licensing battles that came with creating one of the most influential comics of a generation.

With the heat, and exceptional sales stemming from the recently released Calvin & Hobbes documentary “Dear Mr. Watterson” and the intensifying Oscar buzz for DiCaprio spilling from every early screening of “Wolf of Wall Street” thus far, I must admit I’m beyond intrigued to see this combo play out.  DiCaprio, who made a point to step away from the camera earlier this year, has continued to add a bevy of potential biopics to his plate, this one following the ‘Woodrow Wilson’ one announced just a few months ago.  With Calvin & Hobbes, he lands a surefire trip down nostalgia lane, with an audience that has been craving anything and everything Calvin & Hobbes since it’s disappearance almost 20 years ago in 1995.

Dollar, who is new on the scene (this marks his first spec and first sale) was one of our first TB Recommended with this very .  Following our recomendation he quickly began working with and landed a team of reps at Industry Entertainment with Michael Botti, and Jon Cassir & Alexandra Trustman at CAA before hitting the market. To say we’re jumping around like a group of proud parents is an absolute understatement.

Appian Way, Vertigo Entertainment and Romark Entertainment will also produce.

A big congratulations to Dan, and the entire team!





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  2. Comic Strip Critic on

    No. No, nononono. NO. Absolutely not. Since Bill Watterson is such a notorious recluse, since so little is known about him, and since he VALUES HIS PRIVACY, this is a project that I hope never takes off the ground. To do so would grossly go against so much of his values, and would almost certainly be a false representation of the man’s life.

    Do. Not. Do. This.

    • Comic Strip Critic on

      Fair enough, I haven’t seen the script. If there’s some way I can see it, then I can make an informed opinion. Is there some way for that to happen?

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