{TB EXCLUSIVE} Will Packer Knocks On The Door Of Focus Features’ Thriller “Breaking In”


  〉Packer has produced seven films to hit number one at the box office

Will-Packer is on board to produce the high-concept thriller . will produce for Will Packer Productions, while  will produce for . is planning on releasing the film under its newly-revived genre-oriented Gramercy Pictures label, with overseeing for Focus parent company .

Pitched as a “reverse Panic Room,” the story takes the home invasion concept and flips it on its head, following a desperate mother attempting to break into her own house in an effort to save her children from the group of robbers who have taken them hostage.

Packer, the hit-making  of franchises Think Like a Man and Ride Along, has a knack for taking relatively low budget films and spinning them into gold. Think Like a Man scored $92 million at the box office off of a $12 million budget, while Ride Along earned $134 million against just $25 million.

In addition, he’s the executive of the $28 million Straight Outta Compton, which is already to become Packer’s eighth theatrical release to hit number one at the box office. 

Now that Packer has arrived at the doorstep of Breaking In are ready to lock down an up-and-coming director to bring the project home.

Packer is repped by and .


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