TB Festival Recap: Highlights From 2015 New York Comic Con


NYCC keeps getting bigger and bigger, and this year was the biggest yet with a wealth of panels, new footage, undercover celebrities, and of course, amazing costumes. Here’s a few of the many highlights: 


On the Marvel side, we’ve got the Jessica Jones panel, which to everyone’s delight and surprise showed the first episode — and wow, am I excited. Daredevil may have won my heart, but with its trauma recovery, private investigation (Veronica Mars, anyone?), and gender politics, it looks like Jessica Jones will blow my mind. Sadly, the pilot isn’t available to watch now, but if you haven’t watched the teasers already, you should. They’re so cool and pretty, and David Tenant’s voice is awesomely creepy in this one. The show debuts on November 20th on Netflix.

Meanwhile, the Daredevil panel showed NYCC a short sizzle reel. It’s half a minute long so we only get a taste of the second season from it, but what we do get was great. Dark but pretty cinematography, Matt and Karen wallowing in guilt, and two new terrifying characters? Sign me up.

Daredevil season 2 airs in 2016 on Netflix.


And on the DC side, we have Arrow and The Flash, both with new sizzle reels. In Arrow, Ollie lives the idyllic suburban life. “The Arrow’s dead,” he says, except he’s totally not because the show’s title is literally Arrow. His team calls him back, a new villain enters the scene, and the show gets wild.

Arrow season 2 premiered October 7, 2015.

The Flash reel starts out epic enough, but when universes collide and the Scarlet Speedster meets his match in Zoom (plus his creepy altered voice), things get serious. Honestly my favorite moment was the tag at the end. It’s hilarious.

The Flash premiered October 6, 2015.

Supergirl showed their pilot to an enthusiastic audience, and the general response seems to be that it was cute, funny, and (ha) super. After all the darkness from my Daredevil addiction, I could use something adorable and ridiculous like this, you know? Also I want all the girl power, and this literally has it in spades (hopefully). The pilot isn’t legally available, but you can watch the nice long first look here:

Supergirl premieres October 26th.


Now, moving on from the superheroes to the still quite super Walking Dead. Details were kept tight at the panel, but writer Kirkman teases that, “This is the most intense season… yet.” No episode or teaser was shown, but check out the trailer if you haven’t yet. The dead get deader, and Hozier plays in the background, which is always a plus.

The Walking Dead airs at 9PM ET, Sunday.

Speaking of the dead, Ash vs. Evil Dead comes back with a new episode of the reboot, which has plenty of homages heralding back to the 1981 cult classic. It premieres this October 31st.

Blindspot showed an intriguing sizzle reel. Jane Doe struggles more with her mysterious past, and someone’s father makes an appearance — possibly Kurt’s? The conspiracy gets deeper, and don’t freak out at the ending.

Blindspot airs Mondays at 10PM ET on NBC.

Game of Thrones didn’t release a sizzle reel or episode, but their panel did let slip some details. Natalie Dormer said she’s been filming in Spain for season six. Spain is the real world stand-in for the kingdom of Dorne, so perhaps Margery Tyrell has gone on a nice desert vacation. Sounds likely, right?

And then we have Jon Snow, who is supposedly dead. But when Kiesha Castle-Hughes said she’d love to work with Kit Harrington on the show in the future, Finn Jones reminded everyone a little too quickly that Jon Snow is dead. Suspicious? I think (hope) so. The show is set to air Sunday, April 3rd, 2016, but since we’re so far away from the date, I wouldn’t count on it.

And finally we come to the long time fan favorite and much awaited The X Files. They premiered with the first episode of a two part opening, so warning, spoilers ahead. After a long expository opening sequence to catch up all the newbies, X Files welcomes old and new viewers with open arms —and possibly a new love interest for Scully.

NYCC Bonuses: and go undercover.


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