Written by: Santa Sierra

For the Morales family, every day is a new adventure. Growing up latino just makes it all the more interesting. When JJ, the middle child of a low-income Latino family earns a scholarship to a prestigious private school, he is forced to find the balance between his over-the-top dysfunctional family at home and this new elite world he’s been invited into.

“Growing Up Morales” is an exceptionally written pilot that is sure to find its way into the successful lineage of such family-oriented comedies as “Malcolm in the Middle”, “Modern Family” and “Everybody Hates Chris”. With a large Latino family, full of big and fun characters, even in the crazy mix of events this pilot delivers, you find yourself relating with and rooting for each and every one of them, no matter how awkward they make it. But it is the series’ main character JJ, who you find yourself clinging to the most as he narrates his journeys from dealing with his family at home to dealing with his new classmates in a school no one could have prepared him for. The writer not only manages to successfully mix several characters into this wonderfully dramatic tale, but manages to do so so masterfully that you never lose sight of the main story, or the laughs it delivers on. From the crazy short-tempered, holy-water tossing mother at home, to the older and younger siblings always making JJ’s life more difficult, it’s the family at it’s core that makes you fall in love with this script, and the writer’s ability to keep us both nostalgic, and eager for more that puts this pilot at the top of our must read pile!

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