TB Recommends: MARROW


Written by: Erik W. Van Der Wolf

A woman discovers that she has received new personality and memories from a bone marrow transplant — including how her donor was murdered.

“Marrow” is good. Really good. In a market more or less inundated with formulaic thrillers, it’s interesting that the story manages to be both original and familiar at the same time. It’s incredibly well structured and written, hitting not only all of the required beats but doing them in a way that feels surprising and engaging. The characters themselves all play well off of each other, helping reshape a lot of the more convoluted twists and turns into something that feels fresh and logical. The script honestly is a perfect example that you don’t necessarily need to reinvent a genre to write a great script; you just need to understand it. There are a few plot beats that feel less focused than the rest of the script, as well as some characters that are ultimately underutilized, but all in all Marrow achieves what it sets out to do and more.

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