TB Recommends: NEXXUS


Written by: Mike Perri

A brash and rebellious hacker gets caught with technology being used by cyber terrorists, and finds his only way to stay out of jail, save his brother and conceal his true hacking identity is to work with the NSA’s secret anti-cyber terrorist program known only as “Nexxus”.

In a TV market desperately on the hunt for a fresh, yet comfortably familiar series “Nexxus” delivers well above most of the pilots that will go to air this fall. The pilot mixes an excellent recipe of wit and action with timely themes, strong characters, and a setting that is original, but not so unfamiliar that middle America will be scared. The pilot offers a strong intro to a series, and includes a handful of characters you’ll find yourself eager to follow. In a new market once again oversaturated with police, hospital and law dramas, Nexxus reminds me of something akin to the ease and action/comedy of “Chuck” but with the potential to ocassionally turn it up to 11 and give 24 a run for its money. Fast, exciting, and leaving you wanting more — that’s how I’d sum up this pilot.

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