TB Recommends Writer Michael Moskowitz Signs with Lee Stobby Entertainment (Exclusive)


Michael Moskowitz

〉Moskowitz joins over 180 Launch Pad to land representation.

Recent TB Recommends writer has signed with and of Lee Stobby Entertainment. His feature script  earned the TB Recommends honor yesterday.

The script tells the story of real-life director William Wyler, who won Best Director for Ben-Hur, The Best Years of Our Live, and Mrs. Miniver. All three of those films also won Best Picture in their respective years. More specifically, Wyler focuses on the director’s battles with anti-Semitism in American politics and people trying to prevent Hollywood movies from encouraging America’s entry into World War II, as signaled by him risking his to make Mrs. Miniver.

Taking place in the last couple of years of the 1930s, the project has the potential to be a relevant, smart, and dramatic biopic that is only an epic period piece, but an important story as well.

Our readers praised the script for its “scintillating dialogue” and its examination of the greatest threat of the 20th century — the rise of Hitler, Nazi Germany, and how it pervaded America. As Wyler said, “The most powerful message in the world falls on deaf ears in an empty theater.” Our readers hope that will not be the case with this script, which they describe as both entertaining and thought-provoking as a “film that Hollywood would love to make, and the rest of the world would love to see.”

Born in New York City and raised in Miami, Moskowitz graduated from the University of Florida, where he studied film and television, and the University of Virginia School of Law. A successful battle with cancer has informed Moskowitz’s writing by enhancing his appreciate for life. Currently, he works as an entertainment lawyer in Los Angeles and his inspirations are Charlie Chaplin, Steven Spielberg, his wife, and his eight-month old daughter.

His first script Orphan, a Big Pharma thriller, was a 2015 Big Break Quarter Finalist.

Congratulations Michael!

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Anya Critenton | Associate Editor

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