TB Recommends Writer Peter Limm Signs with Lee Stobby Entertainment (EXCLUSIVE)


〉 Limm recently became the fourth writer to earn TB Recommends in 2016.

Peter Limm

We are excited to announce , who earned a TB Recommends at the start of the week, has signed with of . His pilot was pitched as Encyclopedia Brown meets House and received rave reviews from our readers. It follows a genius thirteen year-old college graduate who, looking to prove herself, starts a detective agency with her best friend.

Our readers praised the pilot as extremely well-constructed with the story perfectly combining the teen world with noir detective undertones and creating something fresh and interesting. The character work is brilliant, especially the dynamic between the main character and her supporting cast. This is exemplified in the superb dialogue that manages to capture the voice of a teenager who is smarter than most adults but someone who still speaks like a teenager.

There is most certainly a place in the market for such a story with Veronica Mars-like investigations each week combined with The Simpsons level humor. Limm has a strong mastery of the craft which allows the reader to effortlessly follow and visualize the action. It is a highly entertaining read and would be equally fun on screen.

Limm was born and raised in New Jersey. He graduated from Harvard University, where he wrote for The Harvard Lampoon, the famous humor magazine. His influences, inspirations, and obsessions include The Simpsons, Star Wars, The Adventures of Pete & Pete, Bresson’s Notes on the Cinematographer, and obscure jazz singer Beverly Kenney. His additional scripts include the comedy feature Secret Weapon and the dramedy biopic Sad Little Tree, based on the life of Charlie Brown creator Charles Schulz. Limm lives in Los Angeles where he works as a college admissions consultant.

Limm joins several 2016 Launch Pad writers who have signed with agents and managers, including The Mother’s Laura BensickValedictorian writer Jimmy Mosqueda, The Game writer Justin Jacobs, and Emmy-nominated scribe Rowan Wheeler. Since the launch of the TB Recommends programs, 18 of the 98 writers previously honored have gone on to gain representation via our referral, with agency and management companies such as UTA, CAA, Madhouse Entertainment, Circle of Confusion, and more. Six of these writers have even seen their TBR scripts set up at companies like Warner Bros., Scott Free, Vertigo Entertainment, and 20th Century Fox.

Previously, Stobby Entertainment has signed other Launch Pad alums, including Titus Heckel and Paul McLalin, based on their pilot and feature scripts, respectively.

Congratulations Peter! We can’t wait to see what the future has in store!

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