{TB Talks TV} American Odyssey Review: “Bug Out”


Tweetable Takeaway: Ballard says a tearful goodbye to Aslam and gives Luc a romantic kiss.

Airtime: Sunday at 10pm on NBC

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This American Odyssey, a German tourist recognizes Ballard and she has to Bug Out again.

Harrison doesn’t quite recover from Ruby.

The cops debrief Harrison regarding the shoot-out, at King’s Point, and Ruby. The thing is, he doesn’t really know anything about her. He calls Peter as soon as they release him, but Peter isn’t taking his calls these days. Next, Harrison rushes over to trusty Bob’s house to dig up any intelligence linking Ruby to Osela’s Michael Banks.

Bob figures out Ruby and Banks may have used email drafts to communicate and asks Harrison if he ever saw her with a computer sign-in key generator. Harrison realizes he saw one at King’s Point just before the cops killed Ruby. Harrison and Bob search the kitchen and find the device. Meanwhile, the scratch Harrison received on his arm when he was fighting with Ruby hasn’t healed; it festers and bothers Harrison more and more.

Peter loses a close ally.

Peter meets with Joe about the deal Alex Baker put together. Joe gives him some files he stole from work. Then, Peter travels to Greece to meet with Sofia; she hasn’t been returning his calls either. Sofia is busy after winning the election and she doesn’t want any more trouble with SOC or Baker. She tells Peter to go back, take care of his family, and give up his naïve quest for justice.

Ballard, Luc, and Aslam split up for good.

Luc flies Ballard and Aslam to his house in Algeria where he is some kind of local hero. Aslam has never been out of Mali and he gets to visit the sea for the first time in his life. Ballard wants to take Aslam with her but Luc thinks he should go back to his home village in Mali. When Aslam hears them talking about his future, he gets angry no one has asked him what he would like to do. Ballard plans on meeting with the New York Times reporter in Spain, but Luc can’t go there. He plans on flying back to Mali the next morning.

The village throws a welcome home party for Luc. Aslam meets a cute girl, like the ocean, something new to him. A young couple notice Ballard at the party, but don’t say anything at first. Ballard gets worried the next morning when she can’t find Aslam. Luc hasn’t seen him and thinks Aslam sabotaged the airplane engine, cut the ignition wires. He can’t fly away until it’s repaired.


Ballard finds Aslam at the girl’s house. Her father offered Aslam a brick layer apprenticeship in Libya. Aslam accepted and plans on leaving with the girl’s father the next day. Ballard is hurt and understands Aslam is mostly angry. Later, Aslam’s new girlfriend falls on the rocks close to the shore and drowns. He doesn’t know how to swim, but Ballard is close and saves the young girls life. The young couple from the party recognize Ballard’s name. The German tourist takes a picture of her and Tweets it out, blowing her cover in a matter of seconds. Once again, Ballard is on the run.

Luc doesn’t want Ballard to return to the States where people want to kill her or hurt her family. She doesn’t like him enough to stay with him, but she likes him enough to give him a fantastic good-bye kiss. Luc motors Ballard out to an escape boat, but this time, Aslam chooses to go with her.

Suzanne finally accepts the loss of her mother.

Suzanne has a heart to heart with her dad about the loss of Odelle. Ron helps her cope. He’s well on the road to moving on and convinces Suzanne there’s a right way to do it. Just as she accepts the loss of her mother, she gets the Twitter update; Odelle is alive. Col. Glen aslo gets a call about the update and is ordered to Spain to find and deal with Ballard.

Many questions remain to be answered in next week’s season finale and a whole new exciting future for Aslam to look forward to.


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