{TB Talks TV} American Odyssey Review: “Fubar Bundy”


Tweetable Takeaway: Bob deals with the loss of his mother and Ballard deals in lead.

Airtime: Sunday at 10pm on NBC

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This American Odyssey, Frank goes down in the best way. Yusuf and Harrison both get Fubar Bundy.

Harrison takes a beating but connects his father’s murder to Osela.

Bob calls on his friend, Harrison when he finds his mother dead. Harrison is in bed with Ruby, but promises Bob he is rushing over to see him. He arrives as Bob’s mother is wheeled out on a gurney. Bob is upset, but Harrison comforts him, he is genuinely sympathetic. Bob doesn’t appear to have any other relatives to lean on. He is also certain that Ruby somehow killed his mother. Harrison doesn’t think so. He knows Bob is upset and understands the desire to blame someone for the death of a loved one. Bob vows to discover the mystery of Ruby. With his mother out of the way, there is nothing to stop him from going after her with full force.

Harrison returns to Imam Khulus to set another meet with Yusuf. Khulus won’t cooperate. The Imam’s Mosque is under surveillance and Harrison is followed the moment he spots a man across the street. He tries to slip away, but the surveillance team corners him, beats him, and threatens to kill him like they killed his father. Harrison sees a tattoo on one of the thug’s arms. He rushes home, where Ruby waits, and tells her about the attack as he researches and discovers the tattoo belongs to Osela mercs.


Ruby doesn’t want to kill Harrison.                                         

Ruby’s already in trouble with Mr. Banks about blowing the Yusuf hit. He wants Harrison and Yusuf dead. Banks gives the Yusuf kill to someone else, but he really wants Ruby to kill Harrison herself. She’s upset that he ordered the thugs to stomp Harrison. She thinks it would be smarter to wait a couple of weeks to kill him, but Banks thinks Ruby’s in love. She denies her feelings, but maintains she isn’t going to kill Harrison; Banks should send someone else. Banks isn’t the kind to take orders; he assumes Ruby is losing her edge. Banks promises to prove to Harrison that Ruby killed his father. Then, she’ll have to kill him. They have a creepy, sexual harassment/hostile workplace thing going on. They must have great perks and medical to put up with all that crap.

Yusuf takes the fight to Senator Darnell.

Peter arranges another one on one with Yusuf on a ferry. He tells Yusuf he is a friend of Sofia Tsaldari and they can transport him safely to Greece. Yusuf confesses to Peter that he was never a terrorist, but he knew many. SOC would fund terror armies, and then get the security contracts when the terrorists would successfully start a war. Senator Darnell developed many of those deals. Yusuf isn’t afraid someone is going to kill him, he is afraid someone will make him disappear. He thinks the U.S. Government has the resources to whisk him away to some government shadow site and make it like he never lived. He agrees to tell Peter more, but not until he sees Sofia face to face.

Peter and Sofia wait for Yusuf at a place he picked, but he is a no show. She tells Peter how sorry she is to have exacerbated his relationship with both Maya and Sarah. Yusuf sends them a text announcing his intent to exact justice. At first, they don’t know what it means, but Peter figures out he is going after Senator Darnell. He tries to warn the Senator’s Chief of Staff and rushes to an event close by where the Senator is speaking, but he shoes up a few seconds late. Yusuf kills the Senator before security can tackle him.


Peter sees Sofia off as she heads back to Greece. She tells him she has to do what is right for her country and is considering accepting the deal Alex Baker proposed. That’s the deal that would mean a $40 million bonus to Peter. So, worse case scenario, Peter walks away with a huge chunk of change. Still, he is determined and promises to find someone else who can bring down SOC like Yusuf.

Why can’t Luc just get along with Ballard and Aslam?

Luc gets to his safe house in time to save Frank’s life, but Ballard and Aslam don’t see any advantage in it. Luc sends Aslam out for fuel so they can fill the truck and leave when Frank is stable. Aslam find some fuel and a young boy selling guns. The boy won’t sell him the gun he has, but leads Aslam to another place where he can buy one of his own.

This is a nasty hive of boys ranging from teens to really young; dirty, well armed, lost boys. They’d be kind of cute if they weren’t on the fast track to disaster. When Aslam arrives, they are terrorizing an elderly thief, firing a revolver at him repeatedly, closing in on the loaded chamber. The deal goes like this, they will sell Aslam a gun, but he has to kill the old man. He can’t do it. Aslam leaves without the gun, the other boys jeering him, and they kill the old guy anyway.

Luc wants Ballard to keep Frank alive. When she refuses, he leaves to find someone who can give medical assistance. With the place all to herself, and Frank lying there helpless, she does the right thing – she strangles him in his sleep. Unfortunately, she doesn’t finish him off. Frank has enough gas to blame Ballard for all the killing; her own team, Aslam’s family, and everyone else. He claims that if she had done as she was told, everything would have been okay. Luc returns with help, just in time, to keep Ballard from torturing Frank to death. Luc gives Ballard the keys to his truck so she can get a head start on the Osela team on their way to kill her, but she won’t leave without Aslam.


Meanwhile, there is a new mystery man in Mali tracking Ballard and Aslam, closing in on their position.

Frank wakes up looking for Ballard, but Luc tells him she escaped. She’s slippery, he says. Understatement. Frank is close to agreeing to a deal with Luc when Ballard returns and shoots him in the head. So long Frank, you were a very good bad-guy, but it had to end this way. When, Aslam returns, Ballard admits she killed Frank, but Luc ran off.

Luc returns before she gets the truck fueled and on the road. He takes his pistol back and the dirty little boy-army descends on her. They take her to a sinister room and hand her off, but Aslam gets away.

Where is that tape Shakir made?

I’m still curious to pull on this thread. It’s out there somewhere. Did the reporter from the Paris office really just return from Mali with no story? Who is this new mystery guy in the desert and how will this piranha-like group of well-armed, unsupervised boys play out? Lots of questions to be answered in the next few weeks.


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