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Tweetable Takeaway: Glen threatens Ballard, and her family, in Barcelona, but she crushes him like the treacherous bug that he is.

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American Odyssey ends its first season on a high note. Alex Baker and Glen both get what they deserve, but Aslam is all alone in the Real World.

Ballard enjoys a brief, peaceful moment in Barcelona.

Ballard and Aslam are whisked away to safety in Barcelona by Luc’s Spanish contact, his ex-wife, Christina. Isabelle Rainy, the Parisian Times reporter, has set an interview with Ballard and is flies Ron and Suzanne in under the paper’s protection. She has spoken with them briefly and confirmed Odelle is alive. Ballard is anxious to meet her family at the airport and introduce Aslam.

Glen intercepts Ballard on her way to the interview with Isabelle. He threatens to make her the target of the US investigation in a treachery probe and promises she’ll never see her family again if she tells her story. Glen worms out of any personal responsibility and claims everything he did was for the good of the United States. It’s one of those great villain speeches about the big bad world and the greater good.

Ballard sits with Isabelle with a heavy dilemma on her shoulders. Isabelle can sense her worry. Ron and Suzanne are still in the air and Ballard knows Glen was serious about the opposition of lies she’s going to face. She may never see her family again.

Peter puts some points on the board.

This starts off like most weeks for Peter; disappointing. He tries to convince Sofia to step away from the SOC deal and help him expose the criminal acts of Alex Baker and SOC. However, she has the future of Greece to secure and won’t walk away until he can get more solid evidence. Sofia wants to know exactly what Ballard is going to tell the Times and how it well help their case against Baker. Peter turns to Harrison, but Harrison is still pissed off Peter didn’t return his calls when he was looking for evidence into his father’s murder. The deep scratches on his arm still haven’t healed, which is really weird.

Peter trades intelligence with the local Times Editor about the story they will run on Ballard’s resurrection. He turns over the flash drive he has on the SOC Black Sands connection. With nothing else rolling his way, he returns to plead with Sofia, but she won’t see him. Alex Baker can’t help rubbing Peter’s nose in imminent defeat and tells Peter that he knows what Ballard is saying to Isabelle Rainy. She is going to protect her family and deliver an interview covering for SOC involvement in the Task Force 24 ambush. There will be nothing of use to Peter and his professional life is over.

Ron and Suzanne finally get to hug Odelle.

Ballard is waiting when Ron and Suzanne arrive with the Times photographer sent to capture their reunion. It’s a heart-breaking scene that moves quickly. Ballard tells Suzanne and Ron they will have to go under the protection of the Times because of the interview and information she recently handed over. She is going in a separate direction to support their safety. The military goons arrive and, just like that, they are forced their separate ways again. Ballard escapes the airport with Isabelle Rainy onto the next leg in her journey.

The Ballard interview and evidence hits everywhere at once. Just as Sofia is about to sign her Greek debt-restructuring deal, Alex and Simons-Wachtel leave the room to huddle. Simons-Wachtel divorces themselves from Alex Baker, his sinister plan has completely failed. The restructuring deal evaporates.

Harrison has a guilty conscience and a wound that still won’t heal.

Harrison doesn’t get much respect from the Times editor; he has to fight to get a by-line if they decide his story is useful in supporting the reporting they are printing. Bob uses Ruby’s key-generator to hack her email “draft” file and finds the evidence he needs to prove Ruby and Banks conspired to murder Randle, tortured Bob, and planned to kill Harrison. Bob sends the file to a friend he has at the FBI.

Harrison meets with Michael Banks at Ruby’s grave. Michael accuses Harrison of shooting Ruby though she kept him alive on several occasions. Harrison denies it at first, but then he considers that he really was the one who fired the shot killing Ruby. Banks is arrested at the cemetery. The police rule the Ruby killing self-defense, but Harrison can’t get over it. He falls into a deep depression. Bob and Harrison’s ex, Anna, stop in to check on his well being, but he throws them out. The scratches Ruby dug into his arm, still bleed.

Victory is for those who earned it.

Peter feels his moment of victory over Alex Baker. Baker knows his future is grim and, while Peter watches, throws himself under a speeding bus. Thanks guys, this is the moment we’ve been waiting for and the proper end to this tier one d-bag.

Sofia thanks Peter for his efforts. The IMF decides to right off all Greek debt to the criminal organization, SOC. It’s a huge win for the new Prime Minister. Peter calls Sarah, but she still isn’t answering the phone. Lets hope she doesn’t, her lack of faith was disturbing.

American Odyssey

Where does Odyssey go from here?

When Ballard escapes the airport, she calls Christina and asks her to prep Aslam for a reunion with Luc, who will be looking after him while Ballard’s case plays out. Aslam finds the decision unacceptable and escapes into the city of Barcelona. He has many skills, but is alone in a strange land with no resources. He deserves better and hopefully he gets it in season two.

In a an excellent twist and set up for season two, Ballard lands in DC, blonde, and sporting Isabelle Rainy’s passport. She has an old friend to visit. The business of Ballard’s next Odyssey could put her on the offensive in a big, vengeful, way. Cue the Bourne theme.


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