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aquarius nbcTweetable Takeaway: Hodiak spreads some of his genuine wisdom to LAPD’s young officers.

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Aquarius dips its toe into hate crimes and Hollywood’s hypocrisy du jour in Cease to Resist.

Hodiak gets a homicide at Paramount Studios.

The homicide unit gets a call about a murder on a Paramount Studios movie set. The victim, Raymond Novo, was a leading man with a big picture set to release in the near future. He was murdered in his dressing room and his body was staged, nailed to the wall, like a crucifixion.

There were a lot of valuables for a theft, but the only thing missing was a ruby ring his mother gave him. Hodiak asks a priest if the crime scene looks inspired by religion, but the priest consludes it just looks like there was a scuffle. Hoidak senses there is a ticking clock on the case and gets the young LAPD officers involved. He asks Charmain to research cold case fetish murders and run down the make and model of the nails used to pin Novo to the wall.

Cutler has Charmain doing filing and assures her she will never be a detective like Hodiak. Hodiak gives her some advice about how to navigate the LAPD offices; develop a poker face. Charmain visits the set where Novo was murdered. Two rooms away from the crime scene, she finds a carpenter’s cart with nails matching the murder scene. She believes it was less premeditated and more a last minute opportunity. This also supports the priest’s conclusions.


Hodiak questions security guard, Burt, about Novo bringing young girls onto the lot late at night when he didn’t have any real work to do. Burt tells Hodiak Novo never brought women; usually he had men with him. Novo’s fiancé explains that she is a financed beard. She really loved Novo, and he was always a gentleman to her, but the heads allowed him to bring men back to the . Everyone had an agreement to maintain the secret.

It looks like a hate crime in Hollywood. Just don’t tell anyone until we figure out how to make money on it.

Hodiak goes to a local gay bar Novo frequented to meet other men. The bartender recognizes him from a bust that Hodiak ran against his club fifteen years earlier on New Year’s Eve. No one is going to talk to him. Cutler shuts down by Shafe when his Narco Lieutenant cuts him loose. Cutler never liked Shafe and isn’t interested in the Narco case he’s building at the Peach Pussycat. Hodiak convinces Shafe he can keep him off traffic detail and undercover if he works the Novo murder. Shafe has to go undercover at the gay bar and fish for information connecting Raymond Novo.

Shafe’s really uncomfortable in the bar and sticks out like a sore thumb. He meets a man named Chris, sensitive to Shafe’s discomfort, he befriends him, makes him feel welcome. Shafe tells a story about someone stealing a ring his mother gave him and explains why he can’t really go to the cops about it. The bartender says he’ll ask around. Just as Shafe is making a new contact, with another young man, he gets a call from Hodiak to drop the case.

The head contacted the police commissioner and explained that a news story about Novo now, could hurt the release of his next pic, an eight million dollar investment. Novo dead is a story they can handle. Novo, a murdered homosexual, is bad for business. Gender equality/equal pay, political beliefs, slave wages/unpaid interns, war movies and the quiet, polite practice of deleting service veteran resumes; Aquarius has plenty of tainted ethics to work with in Hypocricywood.

As Shafe exits the bar, the young man he was about to talk to (wearing Novo’s ring) leaves with nice-guy Chris.

Lieutenant Lou returns from the hospital and sets things straight.

Lt. Lou puts Shafe back undercover. He takes a much harder stance on the narco case than other LAPD leadership. Charmain is so happy about Lou’s return, she welcomes him back with bag of healthy food and supplements. She is invested and compelled to keep him healthy behind his desk. He’s not perfect, but he’s certainly better than Cutler.

Manson sends for Mother Mary Brunner.

Emma and Sadie to San Francisco to retrieve the original Manson girl, “Mother” Mary Brunner. She welcomes them into her home. Mary is very pregnant and tells Sadie the baby is not Charlie’s. Sadie tells her Charlie says it’s time to return to the compound and she needs to bring her stock and bond notes with her.

Manson loses his gift-gun when he goes to Hodiak’s home to kill him. Cutler is there with Opal and wrestles the gun away. Charlie barely escapes. He asks Roy to get some more guns. When Roy tells him it will cost, Charlie offers Katie as . Roy insists they will need actual cash to buy the guns.


Everyone is happy to see Mary when she arrives at the compound, including Charlie. Mary tells Charlie she barely survived the beating he gave her, but he won’t apologize for passion, he loves her too much. When he asks Emma if the baby is his, she says, “it’s ours.” This probably saves Mother Mary from some diabolical act of passion and indicates that Emma sees something dark in Charlie.

Next week on the show.

Hodiak asks the LAPD’s FBI liaison to help find information on the anti-war protestors and keep an eye out for any information regarding his son, Walt. Cutler finds Hodiak’s watch under the nightstand in Opal’s bedroom and gives it back to him in the squad room. The biggest intrigue from this week, what’s with the guy that killed Novo? Was it just for the fancy ring, or is there more going on there?


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    I immediately thought of slain actor Ramon Novarro when I saw this episode, altough the murder is different the names are very similar as we’re the circumstances of the murder.

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