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aquarius nbcTweetable Takeaway: David Duchovny continues his master class in character as Det. Hodiak closes cases while losing his son.

Airtime: Thursday at 9pm on NBC

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Aquarius gets better and better and so do the performances from the cast of Home is Where You’re Happy.

Detective Sam Hodiak closes a case while losing grip of his past and his son.

Hodiak and Shafe search for a suspect in the Coffee Hut murder case. Cutler still wants Vickery for the crime, and he’s pissed they are working so hard to find someone else. Hodiak visits Art Gladner’s widow, she is the proprietor of a burlesque club called the Peach Pussycat. Lucille isn’t exactly broken up over the murder of her husband and she doesn’t give Hodiak any information he can actually use.

Shafe wants to help Mike Vickery establish an alibi for the time of the murder, but Vickery is too afraid of the man he was spending time with to snitch. He’s also starting to feel the sting and turbulence of withdrawal and really needs some horse from the evidence locker.

Later, Hodiak returns to the Peach Pussycat to speak to a performer, Rachel, who is all torn up over the death of Gladner. She really liked him, as did all the other girls, and tells Hodiak a completely different story than the one Lucille laid out. Hodiak limps away with a clue leading him to an ex-con named Marvin, a deliveryman that worked for Gladner, and had a set of keys to the Coffee Hut.

Hodiak finds Marvin at work and questions him. Marvin pulls a blade on Hodiak who quickly knocks the knife away and breaks Marvin’s arm. Marvin is the correct size and a right-hander, the prime suspect for the Gladner murder. He confesses to stabbing Gladner to death when his gun failed. This means Vickery can be released, but Shafe still wants him for information about his narcotics connections. Hodiak informs Lucille he closed the case, but he won’t give her a free ride the next time she has a body connected to her.

Everyone loves Charlie Manson and Charlie loves everyone.

Ken Karn slips further away from the life he knew in this episode. He’s sleeping in his office. Deals with his partners are falling apart. He goes to a park to drink publicly and have sex with a stranger in the nasty park restroom. Tough times all around for Ken. He takes a shotgun over to Charlie’s compound, intent on killing him. Charlie plays it cool with the barrel in his face. He tells Ken he loves him. Ken blames Charlie for making him a homosexual, but Charlie maintains he just help free him. Charlie says he is all about love and he’ll understand no matter what Ken decides to do. He drops the gun and leaves. On the way out, Ken notices that Emma has been watching the whole thing. She says nothing, just watches her father drive away.

Ken returns home to tell Grace he found Emma at the compound and wants to return with her to bring Emma home. He says he needs his family whole again, but she tells him she won’t go back with him, she needs a “real man” to bring Emma home.

Hodiak has to rescue a bar from Opal’s crying; apparently it’s bad for business. She’s concerned about what Walt wrote in his letter to Sam. Opal wants Sam to find their son before something bad happens to him and she tells him when Walt was home she overheard him talking to one of his friends on the phone.

Hodiak drops in on Dave, Walt’s childhood friend who did not go to Vietnam, and asks him about the phone call, but Dave won’t tell Hodiak anything and denies seeing or talking to Walt. It turns out, Walt is listening to the whole conversation from the adjacent room.

Shafe has to deal with some neighborhood ugliness when his garage gets tagged with racist graffiti. Hodiak sympathizes but Shafe is as in-control as ever, no stranger to the stress of hatred. Hodiak confides in Shafe; he tells him all about his AWOL son. These two are moving closer and closer together and well on their way to being a formidable unit. When Hodiak leaves, Shafe calls in a favor to an old service buddy of his, asking for information about Walt.

Emma is removed from the Charlie’s Compound.

Charlie wins the first round when Hodiak visits his compound looking for Emma. She isn’t there and Charlie uses a move too out of the box for Hodiak to understand. Hodiak withdraws rather than make a mistake, but he watches and follows Manson when he leaves in his van.

Rue Fisher, the record , throws Emma and Sadie out of his house for leaving the fridge door open over night. Emma gets nasty with him on her way out. She’s grown up a lot in her time with Charlie and the other girls; it’s hard to believe she’s just a teenager. Charlie doesn’t take the news well. He’s very protective of his girls and he’s pissed that Fisher treated them poorly, he almost kills the man on the spot.


Emma is back at the compound and trippin’ on acid when Hodiak and Grace arrive to take her home. Emma puts up a fight, she even fires an ill aimed shell with the shotgun, but Hodiak knocks the weapon away and carries her off against her will. Others at the compound are upset by the invasion and attack Hodiak, but Charlie calls them off. He assures everyone they can relax and Emma will return on her own.

What will Charlie Do?

The Dark Arts flourish with Charlie and every week he grows more powerful. As everyone else’s family gets weaker, Charlie’s grows stronger.


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