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aquarius nbcTweetable Takeaway: Charlie welcomes a new bundle of joy and Ken says goodbye to an old pain in the ass in the Aquarius season finale.

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Old Ego is a Too Much Thing brings the first season of Aquarius to an exciting close.

Emma returns to the compound to face Sadie and Charlie has a case of baby fever.

Grace Karn and Hodiak visit Emma in jail. The police can’t legally hold her any longer, but she doesn’t want to return home with her parents either. She reminds Grace they emancipated her. Emma plans to head right over to Charlie’s compound the minute she is released. Grace agrees and tells Emma she can be free, they will be free of each other; real mother of the year stuff.


Back at the compound, Sadie still recovers from the beating Charlie gave her for abandoning Emma. Emma just wants Sadie to love her and doesn’t understand what she did to earn Sadie’s venom. Sadie admits she is just jealous. She says Charlie doesn’t kiss her anymore and he never really loved her. Charlie asks Emma how she got out, but she keeps Sadie’s deception secret and just tells him they couldn’t detain her any longer. She tells Charlie the experience in jail allowed her to see the world through his eyes. He eats up everything she says which digs at Sadie.

Mary goes into labor, but it’s dangerously early. The delivery is very difficult. Charlie won’t allow the other girls to take Mary to the hospital. Instead, he uses a straight razor to slice the baby free. The baby never cries. Mary wants to hold him, but there is no saving her newborn. The whole compound descends into depression. Charlie tells Emma some things are just meant to go wrong, like her father, Ken.

Sadie “finds” a replacement Baby.

Sadie sees this as an opportunity to win favor with Charlie. She sneaks into the local hospital in her handy candy-striper uniform and steals a baby from the maternity ward. Mary is in a deep funk and not eating when she hears the cries of the new-newborn Sadie has for her. Charlie is very happy to have a child and recognizes Sadie’s gift. He commits himself to Sadie. Later, the family has a super-weird ceremony where they welcome Charlie’s first child to the world, Valentine Michael Manson.

Hodiak strikes a deal for Walt’s freedom.

Hodiak negotiates a deal with an Army official for Walt’s freedom. He turns over the evidence and they let him go with a dishonorable discharge, no prosecution as long as he isn’t hiding anymore material they don’t already know about. Walt isn’t excited about the agreement. He’s a stubborn kid intent on doing the honorable thing.

Aquarius - Season 1

Walt takes his information to Salazar at the Los Angeles Times and surrenders to the MP’s at the editor’s office. He tells Hodiak he has to get the truth out, expose the lies of the war. This move negates the deal Hodiak set for him; Military Police take Walt away in cuffs to be court-martialed as a traitor.

Grace visits Hodiak when she reads about Walt’s arrest. She wants to have an open and legitimate relationship with him now that neither of them have anything to hide.

Shafe and Hodiak close in on serial killer

Shafe and Hodiak work the scar lead Judge Murray gave them. There is a lot of phone work to do and Charmain makes herself available to help. She wants to make detective more than anything. She gets a hit on a possible perp, not a Latino. An Italian named Richard Terrio fits their profile.

Shafe and Hodiak raid Terrio’s house. Terrio attacks Shafe with a knife and cuts him up. Hodiak stops the attack and cuffs Terrio, but there is another man in the house. Terrio’s little brother fires at the cops from the shadows. Hodiak pushes Terrio into the living room and his little brother shoots him several times. The little brother resists arrest and Hodiak breaks his neck. Both perps are dead.

Shafe and Hodiak figure Terrio killed Judge Murray’s wife by himself, but they both crucified the movie star, Novo. The police commissioner wants to know if they both had to die. Shafe says there was no other way, but Hodiak admits the truth about what went down. The commissioner says they’ll both be given Medal’s of Valor. No one needs to know the particulars of the motives or the murders.

Hal is a whole mess of trouble.

It turns out Ken’s partner, Hal, loves to beat women and Manson supplied him with targets. Charlie told Hal he would find him a girl who loved it. Sadie was that girl and Hal was happy with the arrangement until one night when Sadie wasn’t available. Charlie got him a replacement named Janet. Hal went too far with Janet and killed her. He left the girl at Manson’s and rushed over to Ken’s. By the time Hal and Ken return to Charlie’s, he’s hidden her corpse and all the evidence Hal left sprayed on her. Charlie has a new piece of leverage and intends to bank it.

Ken’s bosses take a vote, Hal is too much of a liability and some one has to get rid of him. Ken is up to the task. Back in 1959, Hal called Ken to get rid of another woman. Hal thought he beat that girl to death. Ken and Charlie wrapped her up in plastic and took her to the trunk of a car, but she woke up. She was alive, but knew all their secrets. Ken finished her off with a shovel. Hals is next on his to-do list.

Aquarius - Season 1

Charmain helps out and strikes gold.

Charmain is still helping Shafe narrow down the hearse used to move Jimmy Too, but she goes too far. She gets a solid lead and infiltrates the funeral home on her own, without telling Shafe or Hodiak. When she is sure she found the right place, she calls Shafe, but Satan Roy finds her at the phone booth. Shafe hears him but doesn’t hear her hang up.

Ken takes Hal for a ride.

Ken has a pre-written suicide note to leave with Hal, but Hal puts up a fight. They struggle over the gun and two shots ring out. No matter who was hit, it probably won’t look like suicide. We won’t know until next season how things turn out for Ken.

Hodiak receives his award and an appointment with Internal Affairs.

Hodiak gets his Medal of Valor in a public ceremony. Internal Affairs Detective Callahar congratulates Hodiak but tells him he needs to speak with him in the morning, a witness to the Terrio raid has come forward.

Shafe arrives at the funeral home looking for Charmain. Her car is there, but she is gone. He has an in with Roy, so maybe she’ll be okay but again, this is a season two issue now. The Aquarius world is rich with possibilities moving forward. They have a great cast, fantastic characters, and the deep drama of the late sixties. Look forward to an incredible second season.


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