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aquarius nbcTweetable Takeaway: Reality is born when a doc crew shoots America’s Most Unbalanced at the Manson family compound.

Airtime: Saturday at 9pm on NBC

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Charlie suspects Sadie of betraying Emma in (Please Let Me Love You And) It Won’t Be Wrong and goes all Manson on her while a documentary crew slithers around the compound capturing Charlie’s creeptopia.

Sadie isn’t telling the truth, but she does love Charlie.

Elliot Hillman, a record , returns with a documentary film crew to shoot a movie about Charlie and the way of life he’s building at the compound. Hillman wants to promote Charlie’s worldview and music together. Charlie plays shy at first, but believes it can only help in his rise as a music star.

Hillman interviews the girls one by one. Charlie lines them up to tell stories of where they came from, how Charlie swooped in to liberate them, and why they all stay together at the compound loving each other. It’s all very sweet with a dash of misplaced trust and masterful manipulation.


Hillman interviews Roy, who mentions how his father turned to Jesus, a revelation he wasn’t ready to accept. Minnie, chimes in with her concept of Charlie as Jesus and claims she saw him walk on water. Hillman is interested in this savior aspect of Charlie and he hears several girls mention Emma.

Charlie misses Emma more than ever and doesn’t quite believe Sadie’s story. He gives her a couple of chances to tell him what really happened, but she sticks to her lies. Charlie accuses Sadie of being out for herself and not concerned about him. He hits her, tries to beat the truth from her, but Sadie only tells him how much she loves him. She actually kneels and prays to Charlie. Hillman catches the scene and beating on camera. He won’t turn over the film when Charlie asks. Charlie grabs the camera from Hillman and smashes it.

Shafe works cases while Hodiak works bottles.

Shafe asks Charmain to research all the possible commercial uses for formaldehyde. This is a lead in his heroin case. Charmain has a lot of good ideas and is happy to step away from scrubbing the bullpen coffee pot for actual police work. He also persuades Hodiak to help with the case he’s building linking two dead homosexuals.

Hodiak’s theory; the killer went too far once by accident, and then got a taste for murder. Shafe is way ahead of him and has a stack of unsolved violent home intrusions from their precinct alone. One file sticks out. A judge’s wife was murdered and the judge was left cut up and tied to his bed’s headboard. Hodiak recognizes Judge Murray and calls him in. Murray thinks he’s there because Hodiak has a lead in his wife’s murder, but he is also there so bartender Lee can identify the judge. Lee says Murray never went into the bar, but he did cruise the block and pick up young men from time to time.


Murray is irate when he discovers why Hodiak brought him in, but Hodiak promises to keep his name out of it while seeking the man that killed his wife. Murray relents and gives them a description; Hispanic male, in his 20’s, with an appendectomy scar. Shafe starts calling around immediately, circulating the BOLO.

Hodiak hits the bottle throughout this episode. Rachel, a dancer from the Peach Pussycat, asks for Hodiak when she is pinched for narcotics possession. She gives information she knows about Roy and another Satan driving off with Jimmy Too’s body. She didn’t see Lucille there, but she did have a cover story for Jimmy’s absence. Rachel is afraid to return to work and has no place to stay. Hodiak sets her up at his apartment. He’s a complete gentleman, but she’s a real pain in the ass. He returns from work to find a party thumping from his place with an international drug dealer plus one.

Hodiak escorts her back to the Pussycat himself. He tells Lucille, Rachel, is his new girlfriend and he wants to make sure Lucille keeps her safe. It’s like he never saw a dirty Harry Movie (not for another two years in Hodiak’s universe.)

Walt is anxious to show the world his evidence.

Hodiak doesn’t have any good news to report from is meet with LA Times editor Salazar. Walt wants to unload his evidence, and probably his freedom, as soon as possible but Opal convinces him to let Hodiak have a little more time to conjure a solution that keeps him safe and free. It’s a tough spot for parents to be in, they love their kid and his heart’s in the right place.

Hodiak finds Louise Mitchell with a little help from Charmain.

Charmain’s investigative work leads Hodiak to Louise Mitchell’s front door (a too-expensive for Louise’s salary front door.) He shows his badge and asks to see the tattoo on her shoulder but doesn’t say anything else. He excuses himself and leaves her there, wondering what the hell just happened and if she is in any danger. Hodiak goes off to pray but ends up at the Karn house. He confronts Ken with the Mitchell file but offers a deal to bury the lead, if Ken can machinate some legal safety for Walt. Ken agrees. He tells Hodiak a contact from the DoD will be calling soon. This cleans the slate between the two men and they both revel in whiskey celebrations.


Booze wreaks havoc at LAPD.

In an inexplicable twist, Cutler gets Lieutenant Beckel drunk on duty and busted by their captain. It’s clearly a set up on Cutler’s part. Hodiak runs through all his desk booze and smashes his locker-room bottle. Shafe attempts a friendly intervention to get Hodiak home quietly, but the man is in full self-destruct mode. They sling insults, fists, and go their separate ways.

Ken has new blood on his hands.

Ken’s détente is interrupted when his partner/boss arrives on his doorstep drenched in someone else’s blood, announcing, “It happened again.” The season finale is two weeks away and there are a lot of threads to sew up.


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