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aquarius nbcTweetable Takeaway: Hodiak hunts a devastating spree killer after a gunman attacks Charmain Tully.

Airtime: Saturday at 9pm on NBC

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 gets bloody with a cop killer loose at Christmas targeting police patrolling in black-white pairs in Why?

Ken is in some deep creepy love with Charlie M.

Ken confronts Charlie at the compound about the remains he removed and destroyed from the rocky gravesite. He says he finally feels free of Manson, but nothing could be further from the truth.

Charlie tells Ken that Emma has left the compound; no one knows where she went. Ken is surprised, he hasn’t heard from and he’s worried. Next, Charlie seduces Ken with his rap about love and acceptance. Come on Ken, you’re so close to getting your shit together. Then again, there’s no drama in that. Let the train wreck commence.

Ken notices the fresh scars on Charlie while they cuddle in bed. Charlie tells him they’re from the beating Hodiak delivered. He plans to forgive Hodiak’s and open his mind. Ken urges Manson to leave Hodiak alone. He assures Charlie he can keep Hodiak away from him and the compound. Then again, Ken can’t even keep tabs on his own daughter.

Race tensions are high inside and outside the station house, and it’s a bloody Christmas for LAPD.

Salazar bemoans the lack of Hispanics in senior positions at LAPD. It’s even worse for women, patrol officers Martin and Savovich ogle Officer Charmain Tully as she decorates the department Christmas tree. Cue the dramatic irony.

Cutler and Hodiak talk Shafe down from trying to make a case against Roy and Lucille for the murder of Jimmy Too Butano. There’s no body and it would blow his cover. His investigation into narco kingpin, Guapo, would be over. Jimmy wasn’t Mr. model citizen to begin with.

Mike Vickery, Shafe’s trusty informant ,flips out over the sexual abuse received at the hands of Lucille Gladner. He’s afraid to spend any more alone time with her, but Shafe convinces him to continue sexploring with Lucille while they build a better case.

Lucille wastes no time pounding on her new boy-toy, but this time, she lets Vickery drive a little. Shafe waits to talk business with her at the Peach Pussycat. Vickery puts her in a good mood and she has a calm discussion with Shafe about where he might fit in her new organization. It’s Roy, who’s known Shafe a little longer, who sees something incongruent with Shafe. Louise gives him a simple initiation task. Shafe must find and make a deal with Guapo.

Hodiak has a pack of murders on his slate, and Tully in the middle of it all.

Hodiak finds another piece in the Caroline Beecham/Louise Mitchell case. Mandy, a working prostitute, doesn’t know where Louise is, but she remembers she has a grown son named Gregory. It’s a short-lived victory.

Officer Charmain Tully is approved to do a ride along with two sexist LAPD patrolmen, Markham and Savovich, in Watts. Hodiak warns her to keep her eyes open, it’s a tough beat, and they may not be the most aware. The three officers stop for lunch at a local Bob’s Big Boy where a hooded gunman walks in and fires on the table.

Markham dies on the spot. Savovich, shot several times, makes it to the emergency room, but dies during triage. Only Tully survives. The gunman never hits her, but she’s in deep shock when Hodiak arrives on the scene. He helps calm her enough to get a vague description of the attack and the shooter. She admits she never saw his face, but she did see his trigger hand. They’re looking for a tall white guy.

Cutler and the LAPD brass doubt Tully’s account and would rather the shooter be black, but Hodiak trusts her description and brings in Panther Bunchy Carter to assist before things get out of hand with LAPD in Watts. Bunchy is no friend of Hodiak, but he’s very smart, resourceful, and has his own agenda.

Cutler rallies the troops, but there is a deep mistrust and a lot of blame thrust on Charmain. Many detectives think she was complicit in the deaths of Markham and Savovich. They want her to go home and never return. She has no place in their LAPD.  Then, the killer strikes again. Another black-white patrol combination is murdered.

Bunchy lends his networking skills.

Bunchy conducts his own investigation while the cops are go door to door looking for a car matching the description Charmain gave. Bunchy discovers and gives Hodiak and Shafe a lead. They find a puddle of oil in the driveway of Glenn Lesick. They know the getaway car was leaking oil too.

Shafe works his way in the front door with a cover story while Hodiak searches the back of the house where he finds the car matching the witnesses from the diner. Mrs. Lesick spots Shafe’s gun, Glenn pulls a revolver on him while Mrs. Lesick takes Shafe’s weapon. Glenn isn’t holding the Colt 911 used to murder Markham and Savovich and he gives up when Hodiak springs into the room taking custody of Mrs. Lesick. He goes in peacefully.

The District Attorney doesn’t have enough evidence to charge Lesick. No gunshot residue on his hands, no murder weapon, and he claims his car was stolen earlier in the day and returned later. Plus it’s quite possible their search was illegal. Hodiak pressures Charmain into adjusting her statement and positively identify Lesick as the shooter. At first she is hesitant, then she realizes, she’ll never be a cop if she doesn’t do it. It’s a bitter pill, but she agrees. The District Attorney accepts her lies and sets Lesick’s arraignment for the next morning.

Hodiak tries something new.

Sort of. Hodiak runs to his favorite bar after Charmain nails her righteous indignation on him. Manson is there and has one of his girls drop a smiley into the detective’s margarita. Hodiak on acid, what could possibly go wrong?


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