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aquarius nbcTweetable Takeaway: Charlie beats, drugs, and feeds his mother to Roy and The Satans.

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In Your Mother Should Know,  Manson’s mom visits the Aquarius world. Charlie has some really strong feelings about his mother and experiences vicious emotional swings while she’s around. They chew up scenes together.

Hodiak’s father leads him to Walt. He pleads with Walt to let him help with his mission to expose the government campaign of lies. Robbie Arthur is a terrible liar and it’s only a matter of time before the FBI team surveilling him stumbles on Walt. Walt refuses to return the photo evidence he took, but he is willing to let Hodiak try and get the newspapers involved on his behalf.

Bunchy calls Hodiak when his brother is murdered.

FBI director Hoover wants LAPD’s help to disrupt and ridicule all operations of organized Negro agitators, including the Black Panthers. He considers them a threat to national security. Bunchy calls Hodiak to report a murder in his neighborhood. The victim is Arthur, Bunchy’s younger brother. Bunchy doesn’t trust Hodiak or LAPD, but he thinks Hodiak is his best shot. Hodiak checks the crime scene, but he believes Bunchy was the actual target and Arthur was hit by mistake.

FBI Agent Sanburg isn’t much help. He claims to know nothing about Bunchy having a brother and won’t confirm if he had tailing him. Arthur’s wife tells Hodiak that he thought someone was going through their mail and listening to their phone calls. He never gave her a name, but suspected a high ranking Panther Officer was informing to the FBI. Hodiak convinces Bunchy to help him narrow the suspect pool by giving him the names of Panther members who were at a meeting the night Arthur was killed and those who were a no-show.


Hodiak zeroes in on Theo Pinker. He brings Theo in and convinces him that he also works for agent Sanburg. He tricks Pinker into writing out a complete confession for Arthur’s murder, including naming Sanburg as the man behind the hit.

Charlie gets a visit from his mother.

Charlie has a bad case of baby-fever, it’s all he can think or talk about, until his mother clouds into the compound. He doesn’t like her much; motherhood wasn’t exactly her thing. Mother Manson tells the story of Charlie’s difficult delivery and how he almost died. It makes Mary think; maybe a hospital birth isn’t such a bad idea. Charlie sends Emma and Sadie out to get some “baby things.”

Mother Manson tells Charlie his grandfather has died and left him the house and some property. She wants to sell it and split the earnings. Charlie needs some funds to give Roy to buy guns with. Roy tells Charlie the other Satans also need some new women to bed.

Frat boy turned undercover deputy, Rick, takes Emma and Sadie to the home of some people Emma babysat for to steal their crib and other baby things. Sadie and Emma get into a nasty argument. Sadie sneaks off and calls the cops, reporting a home invasion. Rick’s father bails him out and calls Shafe to report Emma still waiting for her parents. Hodiak visits, gives her a scared-straight speech about leaving Manson, but lets her stay in jail.

Charlie ends up signing the paperwork for Mother Manson to sell the estate. Then, he beats her, forces her to take a lot of LSD, and gives her to Roy and the other Satans for complete ruin. There are mother issues, then there is Manson level mother issues. He listens to the gang rape from the other side of the door.

Shafe digs deeper into Guapo’s organization.

Shafe misses Guapo’s next heroin shipment, but he’s there when they cut it up. He steps away for a moment and spots Juan, Guapo’s primo, stashing three bricks in a bowling bag. When Guapo discovers he is three bricks light, he beats on some random gang member to tell him where the missing bricks are. Shafe tells him he never saw the guy leave the building and he’ll help him find the heroin, but he doesn’t dime Juan.

Later, Shafe confronts Juan about the missing bricks. He tried to sell them to his girlfriend’s pimp to buy her full time and run away to Mexico, but Pimp wouldn’t take the twenty-pounds of heroin. Hodiak helps Shafe put together a fiction to sell Guapo about recovering the heroin from a drug dealer. It works; Guapo’s trust in Shafe grows, but LAPD’s patience for Shafe to make a case is thinner than ever.


Hodiak turns to the Los Angeles Times to help Walt, and Shafe identifies the second victim in a series of murders.

Hodiak takes Walt’s evidence to Salazar at the Los Angeles Times, but he isn’t willing to publish the photos without naming the source. Hodiak won’t give it to him. Shafe knows the man in Cutler’s new case. The body found rotting in a ditch was once Chris Wagner, the nice homosexual that befriended Shafe when he went undercover in the gay bar. This is the second murder of a gay man since December.


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