{TB Talks TV} Best of Last Week in TV (7.13.14)


The 2014 Emmy nominations were kind of a big deal this week, so, naturally, we’ve got a couple of headlines about them. But that’s not all that went down during this post-holiday week.

The “Doctor Who” Scripts Leak Online

(Photo Source: The Wrap)

In a pretty mighty example of “spoiler alert” – this week, the for five of the new 8 episodes, including the season premiere, leaked online. The BBC has asked the media and fans alike not to post information about the upcoming plotlines, but when has asking nicely ever stopped Internet trolls? Of course, these spoilers are pretty easy to avoid if you don’t hunt the down, but still, it’s best to maintain constant vigilance when it comes to this one. The new series debuts August 23rd, so you’ve got more than a month to wait to find out what everyone else already knows.

The “Orphan Black” Twitter Takes Emmy Snub In Stride

For the second year in a row, star Tatiana Maslany was passed over by the Emmy voters for a nomination, despite her critically acclaimed and fan-beloved performance as almost a dozen different characters. After the nominations came out for the upcoming 66th Annual Primetime Emmy Awards, the twitter account for “Orphan Black” accurately expressed how many of us felt about the snub.


TNT’s “Legends” Takes Over San Diego Airport Because Comic-Con isn’t big enough already, the annual…well, let’s go with entertainment convention has found even more space to take over during the almost week-long event. In order to promote the upcoming drama , TNT’s marketing campaign went after the San Diego Airport.  We think there’s something darkly hilarious about ads featuring series star Sean Bean’s floating head.  The “Game of Thrones” stars in the new drama alongside Ali Later and Morris Chestnut, which premieres August 13th.

(Source: Variety.com)

The show will also be utilizing the Twitter hashtag #DontKillSeanBean as a nod to the ’s propensity for biting the dust in his shows and movies.

“How I Met Your Dad” Fighting For Life

The spin-off to “How I Met Your Mother” is currently DOA. Sort of. The pilot was rejected by CBS, the home of “Mother,” and is officially dead. However, the project is still in , with a chance at making it to the 2015-2016 season. But we have to wonder, does it deserve a second chance?

Madeleine Albright Gives a Shout-out to Amy Poehler

Tatiana Maslany was not the only one to get a little Twitter love this week. Former United States Secretary of State Madeleine Albright utilized the social media site far better than many of her colleges ever had.

Looks like Albright is a fan of Poehler’s Leslie Knope as well.  We expect to see that signed photograph in the upcoming season of .


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