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We’re all about the reality of television (no, not reality ) here at TB Talks , so this week we’ve brought you real world crossovers between and the real world. From Duff beer in Australia to real ducks recreating the “DuckTales,” it’s all about fact and fiction colliding. And, of course, the “real” ending to “How I Met Your Mother.” So sit down and suit up!

“How I Met Your Mother” Alternative Ending

When HOW I MET OUR MOTHER ended its long run last spring, a number of fans were upset over the ending. Without giving too much away, we’ll just say when we finally met the mother, she didn’t get much screen time. The series creators, Carter Bays and Craig Thomas, produced an alternate ending, which will be included in the special features of the DVD set that will be released September 23. Whatever your feelings about the “official” ending, it’s definitely worth checking out. Unfortunately, it keeps getting removed from the various websites where it has popped up so you may just have to wait a few weeks for the DVD release…it’ll be legendary.

Duff Beer Banned In Australia

Apparently Duff Beer is not for everyone.

Though originally a fictional brew from , Homer’s favorite cold one has managed to become a real drink across the world – even without the consent of creator Matt Groening. However, the drink was pulled from shelves in Australian stores because the cans were found to be in violation of the Alcohol Beverages Advertising Code. It was decided that the Duff Beer brand was too closely associated with kids under 18 and maybe people shouldn’t be advertising alcohol to minors. D’oh.

The “DuckTales” Theme Song – For Real This Time

Life is like a hurricane…yes, this video is exactly what you think it is. Disney went ahead and remixed the earworm theme song from . Using real ducks. Enjoy.


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