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Tweetable Takeaway: Jimmy’s dreams wither and die when he chooses to do something nice for Kim on #BetterCallSaul. 

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The thing about is that it’s even better than I thought it would be. I thought it would be good, but I didn’t think it was going to be great. Well it is. The writing, the direction, and the acting is just as good as anything you’ll see in Breaking Bad. I’m not just flapping my gums. I mean it. Whatever Vince Gilligan and his crew of merry men and women craft apparently turns into television gold. Iknow I’ll always tune in, and I hope you’re enjoying it as well. I will say one thing so far … who knew elder law could be so fun and rewarding.

Jimmy seems to enjoy the hell out of himself up there on stage calling out numbers for the oldies but goodies trying their hands at bingo in the hopes of winning notebooks with kitties on them. It seems Jimmy has his hands full with a thriving and busy practice catering to the octogenarians of Albuquerque.

Who knew wearing the clothes and persona of Matlock would work out so well? Things seem to be going so well that Jimmy no longer has room in his tiny broom closet of an office to store all of the legal documentation for the wills he’s been writing. This is why he unloads several boxes of documents at his brother’s house. Speaking of Chuck, the writers are really letting him break out of his cocoon in this episode. After the setbacks he faced in the neighbor’s newspaper debacle coupled with being forcibly removed from his home, he seems to have turned a new leaf. Jimmy actually finds him outside. Chuck decides to face his fears, and forces himself to go outside of his house into the electromagnetic fields.

He pulls off 120 seconds, but is increasing his exposure more everyday. He knows he’s one sick puppy and needs to get better. He just can’t live this kind of life anymore. I’d like to point out that no matter how great his strides appear to be, I’m bracing myself for the part where the writers flip his progress on it’s ear. Everything in this show is one-step forward and two steps back. The relationship between Jimmy and Kim is really sweet.

There’s mild flirtatiousness between the two of them, and it’s nice to know Kim sees something in Jimmy others don’t. She knows there’s something special about him, that he has a gift. The scene where Jimmy shows off what he hopes to be the office of his future practice is both heartwarming and heartbreaking at the same time. He wants her to be his partner, but she can’t just abandon the track to partnership she’s on at HHM no matter how much she admires Jimmy. Which brings us to the Kettleman’s. Remember those nutty bastards? Of course you do. They’ve made life difficult for Jimmy in the past, and this episode won’t be any different. Kim tells them their best-case scenario is pleading guilty with 18 months in jail for Mr. Kettleman, but they have to give the money back. Mrs. Crazy pants won’t accept this, so she fires HHM and turns back to Jimmy.

When he tries to decline their business, she uses the bribe they paid Jimmy as blackmail to force Jimmy to represent them. Now that Jimmy has gotten Mike out of his mess with the Philadelphia police, there’s a bond between these two men. They may not be friends, but there’s a level of unspoken respect and admiration for each other. Right now Mike owes Jimmy, but ends up paying it back big time. They figure out an ingenious way to con the Kettleman’s into revealing where they’ve hidden the money. Once they’re asleep Mike steals it. Jimmy then turns in all of it, including the money they paid him off to look the other way, to the DA. Jimmy once again can’t help but take a dishonest route to doing the right thing. Once the money is gone, he blackmails them back by saying he’ll implicate Mrs. Kettleman in the embezzlement scheme making her an accomplice.

If she doesn’t go back to HHM and take Kim’s deal, he’ll tell the DA everything and Mrs. Kettleman will end up going to jail as well. Jimmy sacrifices his own happiness to do the right thing. With Kim in the doghouse after losing the Kettleman account, he could’ve taken their money and ran. Eventually Kim would be let go by HHM as punishment for losing the , and she would be free to partner with Jimmy on his dream law firm. Instead he lets his dream wither and die in his attempt to do something nice for Kim. The final scene of Jimmy back at the dream office, all alone, with his unguarded feelings and despair is really hard to watch. You really feel for the guy. Every time he does the right thing it ends up biting him in the ass.

More thoughts:

– Have we seen the end of the Kettleman’s? I’m not sure. Who’s calling Jimmy in his final moment of despair? Is it Nacho?

– I definitely think Chuck’s improvements are short term. He may make some great strides, but he’s going to crash and burn big time.

– Kim and Jimmy … where’s that going? They could make a great team, but I think life will keep getting in the way.

– After the really great partnership between Mike and Jimmy this episode, I see more and more great things in their future.



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