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Tweetable Takeaway: Recess is over as Rick became a ‘kindergarten cop’ on this week’s episode of “Castle.”

Airtime: Monday, October 13th, ABC 9/8c
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School’s in on this week’s episode of . Now, I love Castle, I do. It’s by far my favorite show on television right now, mostly because I have been watching for so long and it keeps me coming back week after week. Having a kick ass, talented cast and crew doesn’t hurt, either. That being said, this wasn’t my favorite episode, definitely a bit of a filler (I mean we are all getting eager to see Caskett walk down the isle, or city hall, or Vegas – whatever they choose to do), but it did give us some moments worth noting.

The Case revolved around an ice cream truck owner’s son, Anton, who is found shot in the truck. The opening of the episode included a dark alley and the chiming sounds inviting children for a treat. It was creepy, to say the least. Ryan figures out that someone else was in the truck as well, and a permission slip for a second grader in Mrs. Ruiz’s class gives the child away. Sort of. No students come forward, so Castle – who is apparently 90% kid himself (naturally), offers to visit the class and formulates a plan.

It doesn’t go so well at first, but we do get a few cute scenes with Castle talking about writing, and getting the kids to write a story. He sifts through them, because apparently dark stories and fears can come out through writing (foreshadowing?). False lead, though. Next, he talks with a student named Emily, who indicates that she has something to say. She and Castle have a princess tea date (Nathan Fillion looks good in a tiara and fairy wings, I must say), and once again it’s a false lead, although Emily seems smitten with our lead. Who wouldn’t be?

Emily gets into an altercation, and Castle gets in trouble and let go. But he doesn’t leave before someone slips something in his pocket – it’s a drawing of an ice cream truck. Jason, the classmate who was bothering Emily, resulting in the altercation, reveals his half sister in the truck, and we find out that Anton was involved in helping exploit Russian immigrants back home – which led to a Russian war criminal who killed everyone in his path.

What I wish we saw was a scene where our favorite crime fighting duo chatted about kids. I don’t necessarily want to see a baby or anything on the show, but knowing a little more about where they both stand would be good.

Other notes:

-I was happy to hear Alexis’ kidnapping brought up again. Great continuity. She was just as worried about her dad as he was about her, and they bond over that. With scooters.

-Happy to see family scenes with all four of them. Things are getting back to normal at the Castle household.

-Beckett feeling threatened (jokingly) and asking if she should be worried about the other girl in Castle’s life. Have no fear, Kate. I think you are it for him.

What did you think of this week’s episode?


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