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Tweetable Takeaway: “Castle’s” back with more questions than answers after the wedding bells fail to chime.
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The fall season is upon us, and that means a lot of our favorite shows are back in business – one of those shows being , which entered its seventh season, and left us with more questions than answers.

As a recap, we saw our (okay, my) favorite crime fighting duo about to make their way down the aisle, finally, after 6 years of will they/won’t they, multiple dangerous situations, he saved her/she saved him, and tally’s on who has saved whom the most. I, for one, was very excited to see them get ‘hitched’ after all this time. But, alas, life doesn’t always go as planned, and sometimes your groom unfortunately ends up in the ditch with his car on fire.

Or was he in the car?

The show opens where we left off before the (very, very long) summer hiatus. Now, the show is called “Castle,” and after hearing from showrunners, and Nathan Fillion himself, that we had nothing to worry about, I wasn’t worried. But that didn’t stop my heart from breaking for Kate Beckett, who, despite the fiery flames coming from her fiance’s car, she still tried to get to him. Although the scene was dramatic, I thought it was touching to see she would do just about anything to save her husband-to-be.

After they hose down the fire, with Kate sitting defeated on the ground, she goes to get proof that Castle really is gone, and they find out that no, he really isn’t in the car. They call in the troops, after all, the man in the car was “one of their own.” My only qualm with this beginning was: why was Kate so quick to get started on the case? I would have been too distraught to do much after finding out the man I was meant to marry was in a ditch somewhere. But I digress.

Stana Katic truly shines as Kate every episode, and this episode is no different. After down the car that ran Castle over, and a particularly kick ass arrest scene with Kate leaping onto the suspect after he crushed the vehicle that Castle was apparently in (hell hath no fury). This scene had me cheering her on, which I usually do, but it was pretty amazing. In the interrogation room, the guy who Kate pummeled won’t give in, and his poor fingers suffer. Luckily she only almost broke them, before she was interrupted by Esposito. Couldn’t have given her just a few more seconds, could you?

Another confusing part of the episode was when Captain Gates let Kate stay and investigate. I feel as if this was a little out of character for someone who has always had rules about these things.

We get a visit from a jerky FBI agent, a video that makes it seem like Castle is behind his own disappearance, which leads Kate to think that maybe he just didn’t want to get married. Another heartbreaking scene with Kate, who for a moment really believes that what she saw as Castle in the surveillance tape is true, and he did true and escape by himself. Was he behind all of this? I think after all these years, that really cannot be true. We get a great sense of family between Martha, Alexis and Kate, as Martha assures Kate that Castle was truly excited to marry her. Who could say no to Martha?

We see a lot of old suspects from previous cases, including Vinnie (The Scar), which I thought was a nice throwback for old time viewers, such as myself. No one really knows what happened to Castle, and it’s all a giant question mark for viewers. Alexis asks the question we are all wondering: You don’t think he would just walk away, do you? And we can all sigh relief when Kate answers no. But, I am certain that she now will have a hard time coming back to him full force for a while.

We jump two months, in a flash forward scene I particularly loved. We see Kate doesn’t give up, and even uses her mom’s old murder board, pinning Castle’s things on it. She calls world wide, and never gives up. Lo and behold, they find him, in a boat. Kate is still apprehensive around him, even as he wakes up and says that kisses are exactly what the nurse ordered. She, for once, doesn’t give in, and he tells her he has no recollection of what happened. How can he not? Amnesia? Really?

Lanie finds some strange things on Castle, a Key sown into his pant lining, with the number 38 on it, as well as antibodies to a tropical fever found in Latin America, Africa and Asia. He was also shot. What happened to Castle? The team finds what looks to be a hideout and a tent with all of Castle’s wedding gear in it. More questions than answers. And something is seriously off with Castle in this episode. He doesn’t seem his normal self, and I am very confused as to why!

By the end, we really have no answers, we have a Castle who seems to be a different person, and a heartbreaking final scene where Kate goes to him and finally let’s go of the emotion she has been holding. Once again, props to Katic for really holding the show for this episode, and for Fillion, who really has me confused and no sure what to believe.

My guess is 3XK. This is the new mythology, and the ‘who is Castle’ season, so tell me what you think. Who do you think did this to Castle, is he really Castle? I am going to go out on a limb and say he does remember everything, and may be protecting the people he loves from something.

All in all, a great way to start the season, and the new mythology. Looking forward to digging into our main man’s story.


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