{TB Talks TV} Castle Review: “I, Witness”


Tweetable Takeaway: An old friend and a case that with a lot of plot twists on this week’s Castle.

Airtime: Monday at 9/8C on ABC

By: Kaila, Contributor

is back after (another) two week hiatus, and let me just say that this episode was one of my favourite of the season. Opening with a flashback of Castle in the woods (foreshadowing, anyone?), and a case that hit a little close to home for everyone. Is this PI gig getting to be a little too dangerous for him?

After Beckett tries to convince Castle to play hooky with her, and indulge in a little ‘nap’ – he gets called into the office. An old friend from high school comes by asking for help. Apparently her husband might be cheating on her, and she wants him to find out if that is the case. Out of the kindness of his heart he agrees, although he doesn’t (and shouldn’t) usually get into this kind of case. After finding out that her husband is indeed doing the deed with someone else, he takes the photos to her house at night (while Kate is waiting for him to get home for dinner), and ends up witnessing his friend’s murder.

He follows the husband (the ‘murderer’) into the woods, and ends up getting knocked out. You would think he had learned not to do things like that without backup – I guess not. As the case goes on, we learn that he was cheating with multiple people, but it wasn’t him who killed his wife. This case was filled with twists and turns, and I personally found it to be the most intriguing of the season. In fact, the hour went so fast because I was kept on the edge of my seat.

On the side, we find out that Ryan is trying to set Esposito up for a date for their couples ski trip (wait, why weren’t Castle and Beckett invited?), and Ryan and Jenny had found someone for Espo. But it wasn’t just anyone, it was someone from the match.com account that they set up for him. In the end, he ends up inviting another woman from the site that Ryan and Jenny didn’t like. Perfect revenge.

In the end, Castle begins questioning whether he should be a PI, and I am hoping that we see the end of this arc. Although it has had its moments, I really do miss Castle and Beckett solving crimes together. I did enjoy how Beckett was behind Castle during this entire episode, and how we got to see a darker side to Richard Castle, the one I have been waiting to come out all season. The end showed him questioning everything, and Beckett of course suggesting that he sleep on it. Or, nap on it, rather.

I have a feeling after seeing the promo for next week, we will see an even darker Castle, and I can’t wait to see Nathan Fillion bring out his acting cred.

What did you think of this weeks episode? And are you as excited as I am for next week?


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