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Tweetable Takeaway: Castle lets out his inner fanboy, and Kate has a moving moment on this week’s episode of Castle.

Airtime: Monday December 1st, 2014

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Happy  Monday! First of all, can we all take a moment to realize that is it now December, and not only that, but we have only a few more weeks until the holidays? Time – it flies. But I digress! Let’s talk .

On this week’s episode of ABC’s Castle, Rick gets a visit from his past, which seems to be a theme this season, as the team investigates a murder of one of his action-hero movie idols. We also finally get to see Kate say goodbye to her apartment – a sweet farewell for her and for the fans.

I actually wasn’t expecting much from this episode, and it surprised me. I’ll be honest, that had a lot to do with the Kate/apartment storyline. But the entire episode was a lot of fun to watch, and Nathan Fillion really knocked it out of the part with his flailing and excitement about meeting the cast. Although I know some might say it was a little over the top, I enjoyed it and he got some laughs from me (and did you see those biceps? Hello, Mr. Fillion.)

One of my favorite parts was when Castle and Beckett find out that the victim had fibbed about his roots, and wasn’t exactly as cool as Castle thought he was. It was great to see them play off each other – Castle heartbroken and Beckett scoffing, but we know she loves her manchild. I also loved when Castle decides to join the boys as they try and get a piece of evidence themselves, which is where he brings out the Biceps (thanks to costume designer Luke Reichle), and ends up in a bit of an action movie himself.

Meanwhile, Kate was taken back when Castle told her that he never really liked her place. But, after some much needed girl talk with Lanie, she realizes that he never needed to because the apartment held her stories – her mother’s case, her life rebuilt, and where she fell in love. Now, she is moving on to their story, and the end where she carves her initials into the wood was a heartfelt moment. Truly my favorite part of the episode – although I do wish she had mentioned to Castle about why she was a bit sad, or had a conversation with him about why it meant so much.

What did you think of Last Hero?


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  1. It was a fun episode and I enjoyed it however Rick’sattitude towards Kate and her feelings is getting to be a real problem for me. He has always been an arogant, self centered man and that has been noted since the start. But his continued put downs of Kate(remember her stating that the millionaire could have any woman & wouldn’t be interested in her) and Ricks smiles and says yes of course not! Well that was an insult!, sending her the dress in the first season, no matter how it turned out was an insult! alway bragging about the women he has been with was an insult ,on and on and now not only does he run down her apartment but suggests she not take her favourite utensils with her because the ones he has at his place are so much superior! Good Lord if I was her I would have either pulled him up short or ditched him long ago!
    anyway,glad it’s her cousin taking over the apartment hopefully it will still be available for her should he not grow up!She loves the guy but shouldn’t have to put up with these put downs. she has always been to strong a character for that. At least I thought so. Hope they are not going to make her into some wimp or worse the bimboes he has been used to!

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