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Tweetable Takeaway: Selfies and stalkers: A reminder to beware the Internet on this week’s episode of Castle.

Airtime: Monday October 28th, 9/8c on ABC
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This week’s episode of , “Meme is Murder” proved to be a cautionary tale for those who love to be constantly present on outlets such as Instagram or Snapchat (or, those who just love to take selfies.) And, although we should all know how to keep ourselves safe from the harm that can come from being too present on the Internet, sometimes it’s nice to have a reminder, with a creepy episode of your favorite show of course!

In this week’s episode, the case revolved around Castle (Nathan Fillion) and Beckett (Stana Katic) down a social-media serial killer, who climbed the Internet fame ladder via “Snappomatic” (a fictional app. Don’t try to download it or anything.) The killer went by the name of Net Slayer (questionable…) and hid behind his online persona while committing crimes and gloating about them. It turns out that the Net Slayer was Adam Lane, a young man who was cyber bullied in high school after his mom died. This caused him to snap, and he took his anger out using popular Internet profiles and posting photos about their murders. Sadly, this hits home for a lot of people, and we see the ramifications in this weeks episode.

Our victim, or our first one anyways, is Abbey Smith, who was an Internet celebrity known for posting pictures online with reviews, and these reviews were not always the nicest. Which leads our crime solving duo to a handful of suspects who Abbey critiqued. After going after Abbey and other Internet celebrities, Lane eventually went after the Snappomatic creators, and publicized their capture but tying them up and getting people to “like” the photos to keep them alive. The loser would be electrocuted. Creepy.

Beckett brings her kickass interrogation room skills to the table and ends up getting the answers they need from Lane, and Ryan and Esposito saved the two creators of this popular fictional app.

Behind the scenes, Castle filmed a web commercial to promote Raging Heat. He felt the effects of being an internet celebrity, as his video turned out to be a bunch of goofs from the shoot, and made up of a song that you will NEVER get out of your head. It was a classic moment that had the three ladies in his life (Alexis, Martha and Kate) laughing, as well as myself. Be sure to check it out.

Castle returns in two weeks with the one, the only, wedding! Will they go through with it? What do you think?


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