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Tweetable Takeaway: Are there some mysteries that should remain unsolved? “Castle” seems to think so…

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“What happened to me, Kate?”

Last week we were left with way more questions than answers, and this weeks follow up episode of , “Montreal,” still left not only the audience confused, but Kate and Rick as well. We also see Kate and Rick as they try and navigate their own stormy waters, and get themselves back to solid ground, together.

This episode was written by series creator Andrew Marlowe, and I must say, it showed. It followed Kate and Rick trying to get back into a normal routine while investigating a case involving a toy factory – much to Castle’s enjoyment, alongside Ryan, Esposito, and Lanie, while Rick also tried to investigate his own mystery. He proves to his fans, as well as the Castle audience, that he in fact does not have amnesia, by offering a pretty hefty award of $250,000 to anyone who has actual information about where he was for that last 2 months. This of course brings on an onslaught of crazy fans, and people who are just looking to get a call from the famous author, as well as one of my favorite scenes, where someone asks to meet, and ends up talking about how the aliens abducted them.

Since this episode had two storylines, I will break it into parts:

Montreal: Castle’s case leads him and Alexis to Montreal (much to Kate’s demise, but as she said, he wouldn’t do anything stupid with Alexis there.) A scene I really loved was when he assumed he didn’t need Kate’s permission, but asks for it anyways. These two are already so married, and I am glad we get to see this silliness come into play, even if things are generally serious right now for them. In Montreal, Alexis and Castle use that key that we found out about last week, with the number 38 on it, to open a safety deposit box. At least one mystery is solved.

In the box, they find three letters, one addressed to Kate, Alexis and Martha. Later, he shows Kate the video, which is a touching goodbye to her, as he suspects if she is watching it, he is dead. The video re-affirms that he never meant to leave her on their wedding day, and that he didn’t have a choice. The audience is still left wondering why. At the end, he says how much he has always loved her, and longtime fans sigh relief with Beckett, as it seems all of her doubts just fade away. They get Tori to look up information on the video, and Castle ends up finding out that the video was also taken in Montreal.

Against his families wishes, he goes back to Montreal alone, and finds a man there who tells him he wanted to forget what happened, and mentions something that happened with Castle was 11 – to which Castle replies that no one knows about that, not even Kate. By the end we are left with two major questions: What happened in the woods when Castle was 11 that made him obsessed with murder mystery, and what did he want to forget so badly? We get a hearwarming end scene with Kate and Castle discussing how they will get married in a month, and just spend their time finding solid ground together. It’s nice to see their relationship played out with this kind of support.

The Case of the Week: A man who’s dog died apparently going undercover at the toy factory that he owns, and all because the reason the dog died was because of drugs being shipped in the dolls. I was intrigued by the case this week, and it kept me wondering ‘who done it’ the whole time. I wasn’t expecting the shifty assistant at the end. My only question is: why do they always try and run? It makes no sense! You aren’t going anywhere.

Notable scenes:

  • Leave it to Martha to pick up a guy at grief counseling.
  • I enjoyed the amount of Alexis we got in this episode, and thought it was great with her taking her dad to Montreal, as well as her calling him out at the end instead of Beckett. His actions effect everyone.
  • Lanie and Esposito are back! I don’t really like when they take up too much time, but it was good to be noted that it might work out.
  • Kevin and the toy piano. Channeling his inner Castle.
  • Nathan Fillion killed it this week.

What did you think of this weeks episode? What actually happened to Castle, and what happened in the woods years ago?


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