{TB Talks TV} Castle Review: “Once Upon a Time in the West”


Tweetable Takeaway: Saddle Up! Mr. and Mrs. Castle take a trip to the Wild West in tonight’s episode of Castle.

Airtime: Monday, November 18th, on ABC

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I am not usually a fan of Western’s, but this week’s episode of , written by Terence Paul Winter, was filled with fun, romance, laughter, and a rootin’ Tootin’ good time, as our newlywed crime solving team headed out to a Dude Ranch for their Honeymoon. Okay, it wasn’t their Honeymoon, and they were actually going undercover as newlyweds, but that didn’t stop them from having some fun along the way.

Coming home from their impromptu trip to the Hamptons to get married with just their immediate family present, they break the news to Esposito, Lanie and Ryan, who are less than impressed. Lanie complains about the lack of carbs due to her Maid of Honor status, but Kate quickly makes it up to her by agreeing to take her for dinner to eat ‘all of the desserts.’ Sounds like a good deal to me. Esposito and Ryan were less enthused, and spent most of the episode making them feel bad about not being able to be at the wedding. I mean, they had a song and everything. Note to : please include that song in the outtakes on the DVD. Our leads end up taking on the case at first alone, since Esposito and Ryan are still licking their wounds, and we get an adorable scene where Kate calls the loft their home, Castle gets excited about being married, calling her Mrs. Castle again, to which she comes back with calling him Mr. Beckett. Great facial expression by Nathan Fillion after that comment.

Castle and Beckett go to a Dude Ranch in Arizona to try and find out what happened to their victim and why. They dress up (and are looking very, very good in their costumes, might I add), and try to figure out who killed the young woman. I enjoyed that this episode had just the right amount of mystery, as well as romance mixed in. Stana Katic and Nathan Fillion really got the newlywed vibe down during this episode. I won’t lie, I was distracted by all the wedding talk, and cute moments, and the case fell a bit to the wayside for me, it was basically a treasure hunt theme and motive, with 3 people trying to cover for each other, and at the end we get a shoot off with the owner of the Dude Ranch and Castle, but of course it’s his wife, Badass Beckett to the rescue, who ends up taking the owner down before Castle gets shot.

So many great scenes, including a camp fire scene that had hearts melting, I am sure, but was interrupted by a snake (of course), and the horses, Ryan and Esposito, running away. Great costumes, and a few funny quotes:

“This is like three fantasies coming true all at once.” – Castle
“I like my coffee like I like my men — strong, black and bitter‎.”
“That’s why we don’t approach this like cops, we approach it like .” “We procrastinate and make stuff up…?”
“If I survive this, I’m giving this place a scathing review on Yelp.”

All in all, a great episode that kept me intrigued, even if I rarely watch Westerns.


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  1. It was a really fine episode I agree. These two can really carry off most situations with panache’! Fillion is an excellent comic and a very good actor while Stana Katic is an excellent actress and a very good comic, so their talents perfectly compliment each other. The show has a tremendous cast who seem to enjoy the ride,and that always helps. And let’s not forget that black cowboy outfit on Badass Beckett!! What a gorgeous woman!

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