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Tweetable Takeaway: You don’t mess with the ‘Castle’s’ after last night’s episode.

Airtime: 9/8c on Monday, February 17th on ABC

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In what was definitely my favourite episode of the season so far (besides the wedding, of course!), and written by series creator Andrew Marlowe,  continued his game of cat and mouse with 3XK and Kelly Nieman. This episode was Castle at its best, as stakes were raised considerably since the creepy duo kidnapped Beckett, and Castle and the team had to race against the clock to save her. But of course, this was all Tyson’s plan to make Castle suffer before he got him where he wanted to be.


There were so many great aspects of this episode, and Nathan Fillion really brought his A-Game to the show. You could really feel the hurt that Castle was feeling as he searched for his wife, and he really went against all the rules to bring her back home. Here are a few very memorable moments from the intense, heartbreaking, and kick-ass episode:

  • Castle initially stays pretty calm, trying to go by the rules and follow the evidence. But when a recording of Beckett calls his cell screaming for help, it ups his nerves. Castle, Esposito and Ryan find out it was just a recording from when Beckett was searching for him – nice throwback, and they continue the hunt.
  • After that stunt, Castle takes a visit to Tyson’s apartment, or Michael Boudreau as he calls himself. At first, you really wonder if this IS Tyson. But when Castle pulls out his gun (shock!), and gets arrested for it, we see in Jerry’s eyes. It’s him.
  • Gates let’s Castle off the hook (for now) as he continues the search with the boys. It seems as if he is taking the case on himself as he goes and talks to an old nemesis from the past in jail. He leads Castle to a house in the woods (again, throwback to Castle’s disappearance).
  • Although we don’t see Kate much in this episode, Stana Katic’s scenes with Annie Wersching were spine tingling. Katic barely spoke any lines in the episode, but her facial features and eyes really did the trick. It was terrifying to hear that Kelly wanted to basically take Kate’s face so the police wouldn’t recognize her when her and Jerry escaped.
  • Eventually Castle gets in the house where Jerry is, we find out it really is Jerry, and he thinks he has Castle all figured out. Turns out that Castle was never actually alone in this game, and brought Esposito and Ryan to assist him. They end up killing Jerry, ending a years-long battle, and a mythology I loved. Well done.
  • In what was probably one of the creepiest but also best scenes of the episode, Kate ends up freeing herself and killing Kelly with the scalpel that Kelly was going to use on her. Great music as Kate ends up saving herself and stands over the body as Castle and the team barge in on Kate holding a bloody scalpel, obviously in shock.
  • Although some were hoping for a dramatic reunion, I thought their reunion was well done – he approached her, and she was in shock, almost not believing he was there, when she finally registered it, he embraced her. She is safe now.
  • The end of the episode was also very well done, and Castle is now allowed back at the precinct (thank goodness). They had a great open chat in bed at the end, and it’s nice to see these two finally have it figured out. Adorable, always.

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