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Sadly, our last day at Comic Con came too soon. We spent a lot of the day off campus, going to events put on for nerds, by nerds. Along the way, we’ve seen and met some amazing people, been amazed by costumes and waited in line for about 10 hours. We’re coming back with some amazing memories, smiles on our faces…and bags under our eyes. Check out some of the cool stuff we saw on our last day at :

Captain Kirk had to take some part time work as a shoe shine. The economy’s tough, guys!

Two doctors and Captain Jack? Yes, please!

Winter is coming…

The muppets came out to play.

We surrender!

And so it begins. Upgrade!

Shhhh! Smaug’s asleep.

Petco Park, aka Nerd HQ

Why so serious?

Hands down, best t-shirt of the Con! Don’t blink…don’t even blink…

Oh, hello, sailor!

Monkey see, monkey do.

Our Spidey senses are tingling!

We missed you, Peter!

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