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Aliza’s off this week, so asked me to step in and try to fill her shoes by reviewing this week’s episode of . Unfortunately (or fortunately, depending on how you look at it), I’ve never seen a single episode of the series. Nor have I seen the movie that the show is based on. However, I always enjoy a good sci-fi show as well as a good Syfy show – get it? – and I felt up to the challenge. Let’s dive right in, shall we?

We begin the episode in the Babylonian desert way back in the day. I mean way, way, way back. So there’s a lot of carnage in this desert but, luckily, a little boy jumps up and starts running. He runs for a while before we see an angel come down from the sky and offer him the hand. This is the main angel guy who I swear I’ve seen in something else but I just can’t place him. This will continue to bug me all episode. Anyway, back in the present day – or the present day of the show, at least – where a sinister looking guy possesses another guy (who we come to know as Louis) at a produce stand. If it were me, I’d probably choose someone a bit more powerful, but to each his own.

Next, we’re treated to a creepy and (nearly) deserted camper where skeletons with guns are guarding outside. An even creepier dude with sharp, nubbin teeth comes out from the camper and is confronted by the same angel who takes him to…a strip club. Don’t worry, though, it’s more like a strip club jail. Joining them is the guy who for now I will dub the hot one. He’s trying to exorcise whatever demonic thing is inside the creeper but he’s struggling. Pretty soon he gives up and just shoots him in the head but the angel – Michael – pushes him to try harder next time so he can save the person being possessed. By the way: are all angels British because I could get on board with that. Just saying.

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Now we visit the bad guy from the “School Reunion” episode of “Doctor Who” – known to the larger world as Anthony Head – who is sick in bed. His son is sort of trying to take care of him but it’s clear that one or both of them are probably the bad guy on this show, too. It’s a strained relationship to say the least. Head is a former televangelist, while his son is a follower of Gabriel. The son is also going to marry someone way out of his league, so it’s lucky she tells him she wants to move up the wedding. Their relationship seems kind of weird, too, so keep an eye on that.

I finally figure out the hot exorcist’s name – Alex – and get to see him naked, so bonus! He’s showering when his friend with benefits Noma comes in and they get very frisky in the shower before moving to the privacy of a supply closet to finish the deed. Outside, Senator Ginger (not her real name) finds some poor angels hanging from the rafters, dead. Apparently in this show the angels are not always the good guys and the people of Vega don’t mind at all that their dead. Now I’m finally (mostly) up to speed: the higher angels are hiding within the city and the humans want them out. The angels have to choose between brother angels Michael and Gabriel (the guy who possesses people). Alex goes to warn the other higher angels in the city to lie low for a while.

Michael goes to San Francisco and finds his sister angel has been attacked by their brother Gabriel, who now knows all the hidden higher angels in Vega. The coolest part about this scene is I finally see how those wings actually work! They’re huge and surprisingly loud, actually. Alex goes to warn his first higher angel but it happens to be Louis, who is still possessed by Gabriel – the baddie angel. Louis/Gabe tells Alex that Michael’s not all that he seems and Alex takes the bait, which in this case is a beer. He says that the story of Noah didn’t actually happen the way the Bible says, that Noah wasn’t building an Ark but a bunker to keep someone out.

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The “Doctor Who” guy tries to escape but is caught and led to an animal enclosure with a very live lion. He tries to convince his son to let him out but instead is pointed in the direction of a gun that has a single bullet. Throughout this scene, I thought that the son wanted his father to shoot himself and end it all but after he kills the lion, I realized that he has a weird connection to what I think is his pet lion. Dude is distraught after he kills it.

Meanwhile, Louis/Gabe calls Alex telling him to get to the Stratosphere quick because there’s an emergency. I assume the Stratosphere is Michael’s lair because when Alex shows up, Louis/Gabe admits he was really waiting for Michael. He’s not the one who pops in next, though, Alex’s friend with benefits Noma appears just in time for Louis/Gabe to throw her out the window. Alex is upset until he realizes that she’s secretly a higher angel – then he gets more upset. Michael finally arrives and they get into an argument until Michael realizes that Louis isn’t really himself. They get into an angel/brother fight and then Alex successfully performs an “eviction” for the first time.

Back in his own lair, Gabriel tells his sister angel that Alex really is the “chosen one” and we realize that they were in cahoots the whole time! It’s easy to see why, though, when we are sent back to Babylon and find that Michael killed everyone in town and was about to kill the little boy before Gabriel and his sister stopped him. He’s not all bad, though, his father told him to kill the people.

I hope you enjoyed this very special edition of “Dominion” but never fear – Aliza will be back next week.


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