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Tonight’s , titled “A New World,” starts off with Ethan and Odin again, who seem to have become quite the pals. I really wish Ethan had some sort of 6th sense and knew to get away from Odin.

Yasumoto is watching you, John, and also having his own flashback to a woman in his past.

Harmon is dead, which I find sad, and Molly decides to get out of her current situation. But first, she calls Yasumoto because ‘Something terrible is supposed to happen’ and she tries to stop him from going in after Sparks, and her baby. Before they can leave, the troops already catch up to them.

Sparks and his wife try to escape, but they are unsuccessful. Of course out of nowhere, something comes to their rescue. After a shootout, Sparks gets back in his car.

It’s interesting to see Molly’s drive to keep her baby safe, and see that side of her come out – but the alien baby is getting stronger.

Yasumoto gives Molly an ultimatum: her family for the alien baby. Rough! Also rough is that he is still sick and needs a new dose, but it will only last him a few weeks.

Ah, smartphones. What can’t they do nowadays? John translates what was said between Yasumoto and his colleague, and is interrupted with tea. Luckily, he knows now that Yasumoto cannot be trusted.

Molly and Gordon find Sparks’ car, and go inside a bar, which is empty. There is a woman, unconscious, and a young girl in the back.

John breaks into Yasumoto’s cabinet, which, I am going to come out and say, is probably not the best idea. Yasumoto finds out that Ethan is missing, and now John has been found out.

Back to the Ethan and Odin story. Odin tells Ethan that his dad wants to shut him down for good. Odin shuts Ethan off (that sounds weird to type!), and takes him.

Elsewhere, Sparks and his wife are in a motel room, and he is worried about hiding forever. They are still hallucinating their daughter, and his wife is pretty sure they are part of something extraordinary. And so much for hiding out forever, Molly and Gordon find his motel.

Yasumoto explains to John about the beginning of a new world, that all began with Molly. Yasumoto explains that is is Molly that will give him what he needs.

Molly is kidnapped, and forced to open Sparks’ room door, where Sparks shoots the guard. Sparks hands over the gun, explaining that his family left him, it’s gone and over now. I am left confused by this! I can’t tell if I trust him or not… Probably not. Molly wants to know where they are going, but Sparks is pretty adamant that he doesn’t know.

Molly calls Yasumoto and tells him that she has both Sparks and the alien baby. She’s ready for an exchange. One hour to meet with her. It’s on!

Back at the house, Odin is taking apart Ethan (again. Very weird to say!), and he asks Julie to come by the house. This won’t end well.

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Molly meets with Yasumoto and John, who has a gun to his back. She tells Yasumoto that the baby is in the van, and Yasumoto doesn’t believe her. John stole one of Yasumoto’s samples, and he saves the day after Yasumoto threatens to shoot Molly, and Gordon comes out with his gun. Yasumoto is done for.

What began as somewhat of a rigid relationship has turned into a sweet story between Molly and John. I wasn’t sure about them at first, but now I think that they have some good chemistry going on after the years.

Revelation: In the interrogation room with Molly, Yasumoto is already starting to age quickly. We see Yasumoto’s same flashback again. He confesses he used to work for Claypool – he was married and she was pregnant with his child. He was mining an impact site and fell into a hole, trapped, with no rescue effort. He wasn’t alone down there; he stuck his hand in orange goo (no, really) and survived while his injuries healed. Finally, after a month, he walked out – healed – and that orange goo (substance), is what is in his tubes. He has since then been looking for the same substance. And all of this is because Yasumoto is afraid to die, and needs to find the architect – I like that name better than alien baby, personally!

Yasumoto tells her she could be with Marcus again. What would she do to have that chance again?

Sparks has escaped (again), and I find out I was right to have my suspicions. They find him, and he says it’s already done. What did he do? And should Molly be asking herself the same question?

Up in space, we find out Katie is still alive (or is she?) and a final scene of someone walking away, of course leaving us with more questions than answers.

What did you think of this weeks episode? Although the show has more of a movie feel to it, I think it has the potential for another season, should it get picked up. The more episodes I watch, the more I feel chemistry between the characters. That being said, I do believe that there is still a lot of jumping between each storyline in every episode, and that’s something I think could be done differently.

Let me know your thoughts on “Extant’s” latest ep!


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