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This week’s episode of opens up on the ship. Turns out, Katie is still alive. What is going on with this show?!

She is talking about how the people they knew were killing each other, and she talks about the fact that it wasn’t like she was on earth.

Speaking of Earth, back at home, Molly is trying to figure out what she ‘did’ that Sparks accused her of.

Molly shows Sparks the photos of his dead wife – but he believes she will still be alive. Of course, the alien baby is gone. Sparks tells her that she deserves to be whole again, and makes a good point that life breaks us to be stronger – loved that quote.

Back on the ship, Kate asks her friend (ex-lover?) about her dad.

Molly and her baby boy in Extant - Bad Blood

Not part of the family: Back on earth, Ethan is being manipulated by Odin, who is trying to tell him his parents don’t believe he is part of the family, but Ethan believes that his parents would never shut him down. Odin gives Ethan a “special phone.” I feel like that will come up later. They leave each other with a “solider salute” – Odin is a great manipulator apparently.

Back at the lab, Molly realizes that she was the one sending the codes, and I am totally confused. No, really, what IS going on? Did she steer the ship? Blow it up? What did she do?

John believes that the baby is using Molly like a pawn, but Molly is still standing up for her baby. Ethan overhears them, and of course they tell him that they aren’t talking about anything. Odin’s voice is in Ethan’s head now, of course.

We have a few more scenes on the ship, and then back at the Yasumoto tower, they find out Ethan’s power was zeroed out, and now finally someone is questioning Odin. They decide to tell John, even though Julie is of course still love struck.

Sarah is helping Molly remember what happened – someone is asking her to put in her access code. The baby and Marcus are okay, and it was all apparently real – maybe more than a hallucination. But what did she write down during the flashback?

She now believes that she tried to get the ship to avoid asteroids. They see Katie – and show Sparks that his daughter is alive. Sparks won’t believe it until he sees it (and nor will I, really. Because still, what is going on?) Apparently the ship will disintegrate as it comes back into the atmosphere, which was Molly’s doing, and something that Sparks says someone told him to do, and now Molly must go back up to where she came from.

Back home, John is taking Ethan to recharge, and Ethan is, of course, questioning everything because of Odin.

Ethan won’t wear the “doofus” cap, and tells Julie he knows that his mom and dad want to shut him down. Julie tries to tell him differently, but of course Ethan has been manipulated to do bad things now. Go against everything. Ethan tells Julie than Odin told him these things – finally his true colors come to light.

Back on the ship, Katie doesn’t look like she really wants to go, because she can’t get in a pod again.

John and Molly argue, and she asks if there isn’t someone he would be willing to do whatever to see again, and he says yeah, her. He doesn’t want to lose her, even though she may be gone already. Ethan comes in to find his dad talking to… no one? Okay now I am definitely confused. Molly isn’t there! She’s in the kitchen, and sees a little boy. Is this the alien baby? Ethan tries to throw something at the kid, breaking the window, and now Molly is running after the boy.

Julie finds out, finally, that Odin was arrested for a terrorist plot, and his name isn’t even what she thought it was. She uses the girlfriend card to get into his apartment and sneak around. Julie sees a video of Odin teaching Ethan to ‘break the rules.’ She knows everything now, and John is sedated somehow in his room, Julie finds him and they both try and find Ethan while Molly runs in the woods for the boy. The boy tells her they need to escape the ones ‘without blood’ and we skip to the daytime, and we see Molly’s father talking to her.

I am unsure what is real and what isn’t. Her dad tells her that they are coming down and she can’t stop it. That there will be lights and they are coming for her. And then we flash to her back in the kitchen – and Marcus is there again, and then she’s back with the boy. He asks if she wants to be with the people in her flashbacks, and she tries to tell him to stop, and tell the people not to come. Apparently she’s the only one who can stop these people without blood. The boy leaves, and Molly decides to go back to space.

Ethan, having run away, is found by Julie, and she takes him with her. Katie’s loverboy finds her dead body. But how is that possible? Well it must not be because she traps him, telling him ‘it’s ok.’

I am not really sure where this is going, but I am sure they will explain it soon! What did you think of this week’s ep?


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