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This weeks episode is titled “Nightmares” (don’t you hate those?).

The nightmares belong to Ethan. But, as John points out – Ethan is not programmed to dream or have nightmares. What’s going on?

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A few highlights from this weeks episode:

  • Once again blurring the line between human and machine, we get a very sweet moment between Molly and Ethan where she promises that nothing bad will happen to him, and she almost convinces me that that’s the case. That’s what moms are for!
  • The workers back at the lab seem to be effected by that same circular symbol that has been flying around each episode. What does it mean? They don’t have time to find out because as the symbol shows up and takes over one of their guys, he goes crazy and starts talking to, well, nothing, and kills one of the others. Creepy.
  • Molly tries to explain sub conscience to Ethan, who doesn’t believe he has one. John is pushing for answers as to why this happened – since they aren’t even close to being able to program this type of thing.
  • Molly heads to see Sarah, and makes a truce, admitting that she was hallucinating.
  • Harmon re-appears to take the identity of one of the agents by stealing his fingerprints (enough to give me nightmares.) Once the real Agent tries to get in, the place goes on lock down. They find out that it was Harmon that broke in, and they want to end him.
  • Sarah and Molly have their appointment. Molly tells Sarah she understands that family is different. Sarah clears Molly – the “hallucinations” have stopped.
  • Back to the killer-scientist. He says that a colleague of his who died a while ago told him to kill, and told him to let the baby out.
  • Back at the house, Ethan is drawing his nightmare. He is drawing the symbol and Harmon and the scientist and everyone else is seeing.
  • Molly goes to meet with Harmon, in hopes that she will find something out without getting caught. She tells Sarah that Harmon is heading to the library, and she gets him out of there since the Agents are after him. He gives her a memory stick, and leaves. He is caught by one of the Agents and rendered unconscious.
  • Molly and John find out that Sparks’ daughter was also impregnated on her ship and died, which he tried to cover it up and sent Molly up anyways, knowing the risk.

We were left with more questions than answers this week! What did you think of the episode?


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