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We continue with this story about ‘life, family and surviving.’

Extant is proving every week just how good television can be. The mystery of Molly’s pregnancy continues, as we flashback to the time when she and John lost their first child. She feels guilty, and he is ever the sympathetic husband. He wants to try again, but she is unsure that she can. She is convinced that maybe they aren’t meant to have a child together, which he refutes by bringing up another way. Ethan. This is their concrete plan, even though Molly isn’t sure.

Happy Birthday Molly: In a sweet scene, her husband takes away all her obligations for the morning, since on her real birthday, no one was there to sing to her or celebrate with her. He gets Ethan ready for orientation day at his new school, and Ethan is worried about not knowing anyone. First day jitters, like any child would have.

Molly uses this time to go for a run, pushing herself, and sees a spaceship fly in the air – looking at it almost nostalgically.

Back at the house, Ethan disobeys his father and ends up going outside. He is experimenting with something.

It’s revealed to Molly that her pregnancy was an experiment, and that it is in fact hers and Johns. This is a lie, but now they want her to go into the hospital for a few days, offering up doctors that she can trust.

At Ethan’s orientation, the other parents are worried about Ethan being violent with their children. Is he dangerous? John doesn’t think so. Molly pipes in, he isn’t dangerous, he is different – don’t be afraid of different.

Molly is planning on telling John about the pregnancy, but wants to talk to Harmon about it first, because she is worried he was tested on, too. She stumbles upon a black symbol on his wall, and takes a photo with her phone.

Back at the house, they get ready for the party. John asks Ethan what he disliked and liked about his day. He is unhappy about the sloppy joes, but happy about a new friend he made, even though her parents disagreed with their friendship.

The party is swinging, tons of friends. Sam takes a sample from Molly so she can perform a DNA test. After taking the test, Molly passes out and hallucinates back to her time on the ship. Marcus is telling her it’s okay, as she passes out again, and wakes up in her room, heading back down to the party.

John is getting (unwanted) advice from everyone about Ethan, including Julie, who is worried about how things are going. We end up with them taking a group photo and the lights go out. John finds the box that Ethan made, and finds a dead dove in a box, which Ethan admits he did. John is angry, telling Ethan he can’t do this because people are going to be afraid of him. Ethan says he understands, and that Molly told him that secrets are okay if you don’t want people to worry. Of course, this leads to him wondering if Molly has a secret.

The big reveal: Molly tells John she is pregnant. John is supportive of her, and believes her. He worries if she is okay, and says they will get through it.

Back down at the party, a video of the last year is shown to Molly. Julie reads to Ethan, who stayed in his room, and Sam goes to get DNA results, but is turned away from her office due to a “chemical” leak.

After seeing Tim at the party, Molly realizes she is hallucinating, and thinks maybe it is best she goes into quarantine, as recommended. She goes willingly.

Sam sneaks by and sees that all of Molly’s files are being taken from the hospital. Sam calls John, and panics, texting Molly to get out of the car. She forces the car over, and runs, putting her practice to good use. John catches up with her, and they disappear.

An intense episode, leaving us wondering exactly what is going to happen next. Tune in next Wednesday for an all new episode, and a new recap!


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