{TB Talks TV} Freshman Summer TV Premieres: 2014


Here at Tracking Board, we love television and we love talking about it, so this summer we’re expanding our coverage (not coverage) to bring you even more content. With TB Talks , we’re going to tell you what we like, what we love, and what we can’t stand.  And maybe a little more.

To start things off, we’ve put together a list of the freshman summer premieres across the cable and broadcast networks.

So stay tuned as the summer progresses for more TB coverage!

ABC Family

Chasing Life (Tues., 9:00pm)

The drama follows the and obstacles faced by April Carver, a 24-year-old who discovers she has cancer, just as her life has begun to fall into place.

Premieres June 10, 2014


Mystery Girls (Wed., 8:30pm)

Tori Spelling and Jennie Garth reunite as former 90s mystery show starlets who are brought back together after a fan witnesses a crime.

Premieres June 25, 2014


Young and Hungry (Wed., 8:00pm)

A comedy about a wealthy young tech entrepreneur who hires a feisty young food blogger to be his chef.

Premieres June 25, 2014



Halt and Catch Fire (Sun., 10:00pm)

A period drama set in the early 80s that follows a group of electronics pioneers as they navigate the rise of the computer, walking a fine line between cloning and inventing.

Premieres June 1, 2014



Extant (Wed., 9:00pm)

A sci-fi drama following Halle Berry as an astronaut who returns to Earth and her family inexplicably pregnant after a year in outer space.

Premieres July 9, 2014


Reckless (Sun., 9:00pm)

The crime drama centers on a Yankee litigator in the far south and a Southern City attorney who struggle to hide their growing attraction while battling it out in the courtroom over a police sex scandal.

Premieres June 29, 2014



The Knick (Fri., 10:00pm)

The medical drama centers on the Knickerbocker Hospital and its staff who push the boundaries of medicine at a time when many practices were largely experimental.

Premieres August 8, 2014



Backpackers (Mon., 8:30pm)

The comedy series follows best friends Ryan and Brandon as they backpack across Europe searching for Ryan’s missing fiancée and struggle with existential crises.

Premieres July 14, 2014


Seed (Mon., 9:30pm)

Tells the story of Harry, a single, underachieving bachelor/bartender who is also a sperm donor. He reluctantly begins a relationship with three unique and separate recipient families.

Premieres July 14, 2014



Girl Meets World (Fri., 8:30pm)

The comedy sequel to “Boy Meets World,” this time, the series will follow their pre-teen daughter, Riley, as she navigates the tricky terrain of middle school.

Premieres June 27, 2014


El Ray

Matador (Tues., 9:00pm)

The action series chronicles the rise of soccer star Antonio “Matador” Bravo, a hot shot both on the field and with the ladies. What no one knows is that he’s actually a spy for the CIA.

Premieres July 15, 2014



24: Live Another Day (Mon., 8:00pm)

Four years ago, Jack was a fugitive from justice. Now an exile, he nevertheless is willing to risk his life and freedom to avert yet another global disaster.

Premieres May 5, 2014


Gang Related (Thurs., 9:00pm)

“Lost” alum Terry O’Quinn stars in the action drama about Ryan Lopez, a gang member who infiltrates the LAPD Gang Task Force and is torn between his allegiances.

Premieres May 22, 2014



Married (Thurs., 10:00pm)

The comedy series follows Judy Greer and Nat Faxon as a long-time married couple who argue about their declining sex life, their kids, & debts.

Premieres July 17, 2014


The Strain (Sun., 10:00pm)

The Guillermo del Toro series follows a CDC scientist who leads an investigation into a viral outbreak in New York with all the hallmarks of an ancient strain of vampirism.

Premieres July 13, 2014


Tyrant (Tues., 10:00pm)

This drama follows a typical American family who are drawn into the workings of a turbulent Middle Eastern nation.

Premieres June 24, 2014


You’re The Worst (Thurs., 10:30pm)

The romcom series follows what happens when two self-destructive people fall in love. A self absorbed, insensitive writer finds himself falling for a one night stand who is anything but well-adjusted.

Premieres July 17, 2014



The Leftovers (Sun., 10:00pm)

Justin Theroux stars in the Damon Lindelof drama series that takes place just after a global “Rapture” and focuses on the lives of the people who were left behind.

Premieres June 29, 2014



Finding Carter (Tues., 10:00pm)

The series follows Carter, a teenage girl whose life is turned upside-down after she discovers that the woman she thought was her mother actually abducted her when she was a child.

Premieres July 8, 2014



Crossbones (Fri., 10:00pm)

Series about the life of pirate Edward “Blackbeard” Teach as he reigns over a rogue nation of thieves, outlaws and corrupt sailors.

Premieres May 30, 2014


The Night Shift (Tues., 10:00pm)

The medical drama follows the nighttime staff of the bustling San Antonio Memorial Hospital as they work to save their patients while dealing with their demons.

Premieres May 27, 2014


Taxi Brooklyn (Wed., 10:00pm)

Series follows Detective Caitlyn “Cat” Sullivan who is determined to learn the truth behind the death of her father. She recruits a cabbie as her driver and police consultant.

Premieres June 25, 2014


Undateable (Thurs., 9:00pm)

This multi-cam comedy centers on the bromance between Justin and Danny, two loveable losers who bond over their lack of game with women.

Premieres May 29, 2014


Welcome to Sweden (Thurs., 9:00pm)

Amy and Greg Poehler have created the comedy series that follows Bruce, an American who moves to Stockholm with his Swedish girlfriend and discovers that love can’t cure culture shock.

Premieres July 10, 2014


Working the Engels (Thurs., 9:30pm)

The comedy series centers on a family who band together to keep themselves afloat after their patriarch and breadwinner dies, leaving behind a mountain of debt.

Premieres July 10, 2014



Penny Dreadful (Sun., 10:00pm)

Former ‘Bond’ Timothy Dalton and teen heartthrob Josh Hartnett star in the horror series that centers on a range of familiar characters including Dr. Frankenstein and Dorian Grey.

Premieres May 11, 2014


Outlander (Sat., 9:00pm)

The adapted drama series follows Claire Randall, a married nurse from 1945 who is pulled back in time to 1743 where she is forced to marry a chivalrous and romantic Scottish warrior.

Premieres August 9, 2014


Power (Sat., 9:00pm)

Rapper 50 Cent produces the drama series, which follows a popular nightclub owner who is also a major player in the business of illegal drugs.

Premieres June 7, 2014


Dominion (Thurs., 9:00pm)

The supernatural action series picks up where the 2010 film “Legion” left off, taking place 25 years into a battle between angels and humanity.

Premieres June 19, 2014



The Last Ship (Sun., 9:00pm)

The post-apocalyptic series follows the aftermath of a pandemic that’s killed 80% of the world’s population. It falls to the crew of an unaffected Naval ship to try and find a cure to save humanity.

Premieres June 22, 2014


Legends (Wed., 9:00pm)

Sean Bean stars in the crime drama, which follows deep cover agent Martin Odum who can transform into a different person for each . We’ll see if Bean can keep his head on straight for this one.

Premieres August 13, 2014


Murder In the First (Mon., 10:00pm)

The detective drama stars Taye Diggs as a homicide detective who investigates two murders that seem to be linked to a Silicon Valley prodigy.

Premieres June 9, 2014



Jennifer Falls (Wed., 10:30pm)

Jaime Pressly stars as a former high-powered executive who has fallen and hit every bump on the way down to rock bottom. She moves back in with her mother as a last resort.

Premieres June 4, 2014



Rush (Thurs., 9:00pm)

Renegade physician Dr. William P. Rush is a “medical fixer” who privately caters to LA’s elite and whose service comes with a hefty price tag.

Premieres July 17, 2014


Satisfaction (Thurs., 10:00pm)

A provocative drama that explores modern marriage at its midpoint. Through the lens of one couple, this series answers the question, “What do you do when having it all is not enough?”

Premieres July 17, 2014



The Divide (Wed., 9:00pm)

An exploration of morality, ambition, ethics, politics and race in today’s justice system through the eyes of an impassioned case worker and an equally passionate district attorney.

Premieres July 16, 2014

WGN America

Manhattan (Sun., 10:00pm)

Follows the scientists behind the Manhattan Project and the impact the secretive mission has on their families.

Premieres July 27, 2014


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